Sunday, 19 December 2010


Long story cut short, a girl got beaten up today at radio 1 *a fan* by three other pathetic drunken fans...heres the rant i put on twittter, read it:


Huhh, yeah right. 
Im seriously pissed off, with alot of fans,
To start with the ones punching each other,
come on, what the hell is wrong with you? Attacking other girls, because that shows your mature....and getting drunk, and using that as your excuse, its lame bitches. Why get drunk, when you know there is gonna be hundreds of young girls there, all wanting to meet the just ruin it. The fact that you felt the need to bully them shows how imature you are....did you know people usually only fight with other people when they are insecure with themselves, so you fans getting drunk and fighting, i suggest you make your way down to an alcoholic group...then off to weight watchers or some shit like that, because you are clearly insecure, little whores. The fact that you show off about beating someone up over twitter, thats embarrassing, your the sort of bitches that end up on jeremy kyle, and i have looked at the girls who did it, definately Jezza material. 'my sista slept with my dad' type girls ya know?. So grow up, and if you wanna come on hate on me. BRING IT ON. I have my friends on here, and plenty off them too, they are lovely, and don't deserve to be attacked by fat drunken bitches, and the people that get into fights claim they did it because they are fans and they love the wanted......'fighting won't knock you out, of my head' 'Hating won't do it...' obviously some of the #TWfanmily don't know their lyrics...HUH GIRLS??? EXCUSES NOW? Yeah, thought so.
anyway...moving swiflty on, the second thing that annoys me is all these 'original' fans, i've been here just ass long as all of you, LONGER THAN MOST, i have the tweets to prove it, and just because i havnt met the wanted, it does not make me a bad shut up. and stop blaiming all the trouble on the newbies, its not them, its all the old ones who cant cope with new nice people, becasue they all think they own the wanted. THEY DONT.
AND LASTLY, I WORK MY FUCKING BUT OFF ON THIS BLOG. *I WANT TO MEET THE WANTED TOO:(* and there is aload of new TW blogs coming along, they may loook better, but don't leave my blog, i work bloody hard for you lot, and you better keep loving it.
Peace out bros. OH AND....if you wanna hate on me, do it :)
If you want to love me, i love you tooo! OVER AND OUT.

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