Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Wanted to do Arena tour before Christmas!

The Wanted are performing both a theatre and an arena tour all in one year.

Their first headline tour only officially kicked off on Monday in Manchester but dates are being pencilled in to step proceedings up to the next level before Christmas.

Nathan said: “It was really important for us to put together a show we were going to enjoy as well as the fans.

“Tickets sold out in like two days, so we had to start thinking about arenas next.

“Dates are being discussed for later this year after the second album comes out. Whatever happens, we know we have things in the diary until next March so even if the next album flops we can get back together and do that show.”

Judging by the  giddy screams, I don’t think TW need fret about picking up their pop P45s just yet.

The arena gigs will see TW develop the theme of their current show, in which they’re meant to be “wanted men” on the run after a diamond robbery.

So far, the only hiccups in rehearsals have been Jay falling over.

The only professional trained dancer in the band has been over-enthusiastically throwing himself around.

Nathan, left, chuckled: “Jay fell off the stage and we all pissed ourselves in true Wanted style.

“But he paid me back by pulling down my trousers so everyone could see my boxers.”

Sounds like a faux pas most fans would be happy to see every night.
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lightning video to be filmed in....

-Max revealed the lads are heading to Las Vegas to shoot their new video. Lightning, the only new single performed on the night, looks set to be the choice.

TW Tour Backstage Secrets!

  • The lads tucked into a spinach-heavy feast ahead of the gig. Max and Tom also lifted weights in their dressing room.
  • It took Max less than a day to learn to play bass guitar for the acoustic segment of the show. Jay played tambourine after chickening out of a dance solo. He now says the band want to play their own instruments on their next album.
  • Siva's sister Hazel, who narrowly missed out on a spot in Girls Aloud after taking part in Pop Stars: The Rivals, was the life and soul of the party, recalling tales of his childhood.
  • Nathan apologised for his 'diva' moments during the show. "There is one point in Iris where I sing solo and play guitar. It was never intended to be so indulgent. Sorry."
  • Jay revealed he is thinking of moving out of his London flats with Siva and his girlfriend. "It's a bit too cozy. I might look around when the lease comes to an end," he said..

Opening night of the tour- Max, Michelle and other family!

THE WANTED star MAX GEORGE ran straight back into the arms of his soap star girlfriend MICHELLE KEEGAN after the boy band kicked off their first-ever tour in Manchester last night.

The singer had received the biggest cheers of the night when he took to the stage in his home town.
But he only had eyes for the Coronation Street actress at the band's after show party at the city's Radisson Edwardian Hotel.
The pair - who started dating at the end of last year - happily snogged in front of the band's friends and families, before dashing off early for their own private celebrations.
Despite their busy schedules, Michelle's made a big impact on Max's life and put an end to his womanising ways.
Max's family have welcomed Michelle with open arms too.
She dashed to the city's Apollo venue after filming of the hit soap and sat next to Max's dad and 30 members of his family.
Band mate SIVA KANESWARAN's girlfriend Nareesha was also in tow as the boys celebrated with their families and McFLY, who were staying at the same hotel.
Singletons Jay, tom and Nathan spent the everything dodging older admireres.
But they spurned any advances and eventually hit the sack alone at 4am.One set of more senior fans, who have dubbed themselves @TW_COUGARS, presented the lads with a tour survival kit which included lemon and honey sachets, pants and condoms.
Nathan said: "I seem to get the oldest admirers. Some of them are scary!"
Jay added: "I got given the survival kit and a grope. She knew what she was doing."

Jays tour diary!

Ok have  got exclusive access to all the backstage gossip and behind-the-scenes info from The Wanted's tour diary *scream*.
Here's the first exclusive entry in The Wanted's tour diary, Jay chats sweaty backs, spine-tingling screams from the crowds and baby Nathan.

"So after weeks and weeks of sweating our backs off, our first tour's finally started, and it feels good. I'll be honest, moments before we go on, I feel a bit strange sat in a jumpsuit with studded gloves on, but as soon as you step foot on stage you're swept away with only illuminate positioning tape to anchor you in position (and to the floor). 

The crowd reaction has been more than even we expected - seeing everyone, including the little kids and their mums and dads screaming the obscure album tracks back at us word for word is a total spine-tingler! 

(They don't scream them on the ballads so much if I'm honest) and it also means if we're shattered we can do the showbiz hold-the-mic-out-and-the-audience-sing thing. 

Our band are incredible, we were determined that we introduced them by name to the crowd and when we do it's insane. They and the whole team have brought the show to a fever pitch, and it's going to be strange when we do the summer festivals with the usual playback (hint at the record label...).

Speaking of which, we're doing a one off school gig in Manchester to surprise the kids there and I THINK they'll focus less on the band and more on if baby Nath winked at them. 

Its been a cracking start, hope to see you along for the ride! Jay"

Monday, 28 March 2011

Lightning with Lyrics!

A few people have asked me for the lyrics to the wanted's next single Lightning, I found this, so here you go!

Help me out!

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Please, please, please everyone click on this button below!
Everyone that clicks on it gets a shoutout on here on #wantedwednesday! 
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The Best thing in the entire world...

Sorry, i am unable to write anymore on this post as i am in shock at hoe sexy they look.
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Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Wanted Hit Back at Lee Ryan!

The Wanted Red Nose Day
Now Lee Ryan loves to get above his station and say stupid things. He previously commented he didn’t know what the fuss was about 9/11….in the immediate aftermath of the event. Now while his latest spat with The Wanted isn’t an that level of idiocy, but it shows a fair old lack of self awareness.
Speaking at the launch of Nintendo 3DS in London, he commented:
“It’s been so boring without Blue. All that X Factor b*****ks. F*** X Factor. All they say is (puts hand on hip and adopts camp voice): ‘Oh we’re from The X Factor, we’re so boring’. X Factor c***s”
Now….while that’s ridiculous given they were a manufactured band that went through a similar non-televised process, it was vague enough not to single out any artist or band… Lee continued:
“Bands like THE WANTED are so dull. Don’t worry, Blue are back now.”
Now clearly this was meant to be off the record – but he was speaking to a journalist and never stated it wasn’t for publication. This just goes to show (apart from the comments themselves) how foolish he is.
Tom though has been fairly quick to respond, putting this out on Twitter:
“Dear Mr Ryan. Im writing this message to say fuck you calling us “dull” in the paper today. Im really excited to see you represent the UK at eurovision this year. My thoughts, and more importantly MY PRAYERS will be with you at this very difficult time”.
Good on him we say. There’s no need to take this off a has been loser who did nothing to show himself to be a self important idiot throughout his career. 

GRRR...and we was my favourite on in blue as well.

Introducing single number 5- Lightning

This is the wanted's next single, as performed by them in Whales!
Written by the people that bought you All Time Low..


Friday, 25 March 2011

The Wanted want some rest!

THE Wanted may be sexy.....but they’re no dancers and their tour rehearsals have left them knackered.

Max admitted: “I’m really unfit. Halfway through rehearsals I’m blowing out my arse, though I’m not the worst. Tom and Nathan are dead after the warm-up we do each morning.
“Nathan’s only 17 but he can’t stand up after it.”

The Gold Forever lads tour kicks off in Manchester on Monday.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Wanted poster.....

Here is an AWESOME new TW poster, with a picture featured in the TW book!
The poster is available to buy HERE and costs £3.99!

The Wanted BEHIND BARS tours starts in 4 days!

The wanted's official UK headline tour starts in two days in Manchester!
Here is the official Tour programme for their 'Behind Bars' Tour!
The Wanted   (2011 Tour) Programme
Tour merchandise is available HERE now and will be available at each gig!
So, what date are you going to? comments below!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011



Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Wanted to play at T4 On The Beach!

The wanted will be playing at this years T4 on the beach on July the 10th in Weston Super-mare!
Jessie J will also be playing along with many other acts.
Tickets are £40 and are available from friday!
I'de recommend it to anyone! I have been twice today and its a awesome day, Kick your shoes off, and dance around the beach to live music, what more could you want?

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Wanted get ready for UK tour!

The Wanted have said they can't wait to see their fans 'pop' ahead of their UK tour.
The boyband are set to kick off a series of dates starting at the O2 Apollo in Manchester on March 28.
Max said he can't wait to get on the road again.
'The thing I’m most looking forward to is the curtains going up, the first note of the first song starting and then the screams kicking in,' he told The Daily Star.
'We’re playing theatres so it’ll be quite intimate,' he continued. 'But I think the screaming might mean it’s not that intimate.'
The tour will also take in two shows at London's HMV Hammersmith Apollo. (ONE OF WHICH IM AT- 6TH APRIL)
'Some of the girls look like they’re going to pop. Others cry and stuff,' Max said of previous tours. 
'I just hope it’s not us hitting wrong notes that makes people cry.'

Gold Forever Gets top 5!

This year's official Comic Relief single, by  The Wanted has gone straight into the UK charts at number three.

Gold Forever scored its top five slot after the band performed the track - proceeds from which will go to the charity - on Friday night's Red Nose Day telethon. 

However they failed to reach the number one spot, which was taken by Don't Hold Your Breath, the latest single from former X Factor judge Nicole Shitzinger.
The TWfanmily are so proud of them, top 5 is amazing! WELL DONE BOYS!

The track follows the success of the 2009 Comic Relief singles, The Saturdays' Just Can't Get Enough and the Gavin and Stacey-inspired cover of Islands In The Stream.

This year's Red Nose Day telethon on Friday raised £74.3m, the most ever raised on the night of the show in its 23 year history.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mirror interview with Max “5 minutes with a Sex God”

How does it feel to be considered a sex god?
It feels flattering, but sort of like I’m being lied to. I’ll take it – it’s a big compliment.

What do you look for in a partner?
I like someone who is a bit daft and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Someone who is always up for a laugh. I also like brunettes with brown eyes.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone?
I bought a girl some DVDs that I knew were her favourites. But part one of the series was her mum’s favourite, so I posted it to her. It went down very well. I only did it because I had the hots for her mum. Ha!

Are you a boobs or a bum guy?
Boobs. I like that curvy sort of womanly shape. To be fair, I like a bit of both, and as long as her bum isn’t as hairy as mine and her boobs are bigger than mine it’s all good with me.

Has a fan ever asked you to sign an autograph in a rude place?
Oh yeah, we get that all the time. They ask us to sign their knickers. Some fans have even asked us to sign the inside of their knickers. We say no, obviously. We get a lot of bras thrown at us on stage as well. Tom uses them as ear muffs.

Have you had any pervy Tweets?
We get a lot from girls telling us what they’ve dreamed about the night before and describing things in some detail. Seriously, some of them would make your eyes water. They’re not shy.

How do you rate yourself in bed?
I don’t know because I’ve never slept with myself. Oh God, what do I say? Erm, I think I’m doing alright so far. I think I take after my dad because he’s a smooth operator.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Gold Forever at Number 1!

Thanks to Comic Relief, tonight Gold Forever got to number 1:

THE WANTED ARE  no.1 !!!!!!!
This is amazing news, not for The Wanted, but for Comic Relief, I'm sure most of you watched the program today and cried, I did and by you buying this single, you are helping comic relief!
So Thank you to everyone who bought the single, and carry on doing so for a great cause!

EXCLUSIVE: TT Limited addition unofficial but awesome TW t-shirts!

T-t-t-t-teen today! (in the style of Jessie J) have been totally awesome and designed a TW T-shirt, on sale now! It is £14.99 BARGAIN. This is what it looks like:

Its better than all the official merch isn't it, and a snippet of the price, although the wanted do look a bit skinny here, its a aweomse T-shirt, so head over to TeenToday HERE to buy one!
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The Wanted to appear on Corrie?

Watch out, Corrie – The Wanted are coming! Nathan Sykes, 17, says bandmate Max George, 22, has been urging the boys to appear since he began dating Street actress Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina. 
 -“We always wanted to be on EastEnders,” laughs Nathan.
-ME TO Nathan, Eastenders over Corrie any day!
Thanks to The Sun Buzz!

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Its all in the title, tonight, the wanted performed at the O2 as a support act for Biebs!
How did they manage to keep that a bloody secret!?
GUTTED I didnt go.

Interview with The Wanted from Singapore!

Heres an interview with TW from a Magazine in Singapore, to read the interview, click on the image below!

Behind The Scenes of Gold Forever, Part 1 & 2!


The Wanted in the Live Lounge!

Yesterday, the wanted visited radio 1's live lounge, if, like me you missed it, catch up on there cover of 'Animal' here:

And a live version of Gold Forever:

And listen to the whole show here!
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Lawson supporting The Wanted on tour along with Twenty Twenty!

TW wheres Parade? We want them, but, anyway....

They’ve just announced that along with  Starboy Nathan and Twenty Twenty they’re going to support The Wanted on tour. 

Comments below if your going to the tour, im gonig LONDON 6ht april, will i be seeing any of you there?

Calling all Welsh fans- TW to perform at Ponty’s Big Weekend 2011!

The lads  will take to the stage on Saturday July 23, performing for crowds at Ynysangharad War Memorial Park.
Ticket info:
Tickets for Saturday’s The Wanted concert cost £15 plus standard booking fee and are available from Thursday 17th March 2011 at 9am by calling the RCT box Office on 08000 147 111, Ticketline UK Cardiff on 029 2023 0130 or by visiting the Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd, The Coliseum, Aberdare, or The Park and Dare Theatre, Treorchy. Alternatively visit the following websites to book your tickets,,

Comment below if you will be there!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Max is Heats Hunk of the day!

We know how you love a good drool at the end of the day. In fact, we enjoy a bit of eye candy too. So just for all you young ones out there, here is the rather beautiful-to-look-at Max from The Wanted. Todays 'hunk of the day!'

 Don't forget you can support Max's pretty face and the rest of The Wanted fellas by buying their single Gold Forever in aid of Comic Relief. It's out now.