Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Wanted XTRA FACTOR. ♥

so quick reminder, the wanted will be appearing on the Xtra Factor tonight at 9!
make sure you tune in!
ALSO, you might of seen it, but there seems to have been lots of drama on nathan's twitter today.
Rumours about him dating Cher Lloyd and another girl im not going to mention her name, because its not true!
So don't hate on nathan or this other girl, because again it ISNT true, shes a fan, and some fake made up a rumour, so chill guys!
and stop unfollowing nath!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Wanted - Night Vision! ♥

Thanks to Jayne, we have 3 new awesome 'night vision' pictures or Siva, Jay & Nathan!
These pictures are awesome,
Here's a Tweet From Jayne that accompanied the pictures: 'Taking pictures in the dark is really quite funny! Don't know what you might get till it's done' 

Also, @TWsian has made an awesome blog, so click here to view it! 

Friday, 29 October 2010

#Twfanmily....yeah right.♥

Hi guys, this is a bit of a moan, sorry. But ALOT of people are really annoying me and so many others. The whole #TWfanmily thing is a joke, all people do is bitch, and show of, and try to claim they are the wanted's 'favourite' fan. Iv seriously had enough of it, i think a few others have to....and i know everyone is saying 'oh its the new fans ruining everything'. ITS NOT.
Why do we have to class people as 'new fans' & 'original fans' why can't we all just be called fans? all get along, and all stop bitching? Does it matter if you have been a fan for 6 months or for 6 weeks you are still a fan....and also so any people havn't met the wanted *LIKE ME* but just because they havn't met them, doesn't mean you cant class them as a real fan. Also, the whole spamming thing, sending for example tom a message 30 times asking him to Dm you is uncalled for. So yeah, i could seriously consider deleting this blog, i try so hard, just to see a load of bitchy fans. and as much as id LOVE to meet the wanted, because i think they are amazing. Is it worth it, when all the other fans there are just going to be mean & pushy.
Hmmmmmm, what do you think?

& im sorry for the moan, but if i didnt do it now, it would just carry on annnoying me & others, and it would get out of hand. Sorry if you think im a bitch, im stupid...whatever you think, i try really hard on this blog for you guys, and your kinda just ruining the #TWfanmily for everyone.
Tweet me @Thewantedwyr if you want to ask me something.

The Wanted In More! ♥

so this week the wanted are in more magazine doing an interview with the amazing alan carr!
Im not going to type up the whole thing right now, that will take hours, but i will type up my best bits:

Nathan: Im nathan, im 17 from gloucester. Im single *few!* and i'v kissed britney spears.
Tom: I think you scarred her for life...
Alan: You're probaly the reason she shaved her hair off...

Siva: Im Siva, im 21 and from dublin, and im the only one in a relationship. Before i go on stage my ritual is to always tie my right shoe lace. Never my left.
Jay: I never knew that.
Max: You should tie the left one as well, it might put you in tune.
Siva: [laughs] And the other fact is that i have been smashed in the face by an elepahnt.
Jay: Are you making these up?
Siva: I worked in a zoo, and i used to feed the elephants, one day one smashed me in the face with its trunk.
*Now...only siva would manage to get hit in the face by an elephant...and still be sexy, how does he do it!?*
Alan: Do you do your own washing up:
Max: No, we have a cleaner, she got locked in the house the other day and was stuck for hours.
Siva: I got back and all i could hear was screaming and banging.
Tom: Yeah...i was in there with her!
*Oh tom, you make me laugh!*, there is some of my best bits, but you will have to buy More! magazine to read the rest, trust me its a good buy, you get a free ripple too! ;)
*The bits in bold are me!*
Comment below if you have bought this weeks more!
p.s most of you tweeters probably know, as she never shuts up, @Mimi__tw *one half of @thewantedwyr* is in love with 'lighty' Go tweet her about it, please!'

The Wanted: 'Boys mosh at our gigs' ♥

The Wanted have revealed that males enjoy their music as much as their female fans. 

The group, whose new album is out this week, admit that they often notice boys "moshing" to their debut single 'All Time Low' at their gigs.

"We've got used to girls going insane - well, almost," Jay told the Daily Star. "But when we first saw a mosh pit in the middle of screaming girls, that was weird, lads raving to 'All Time Low'."

On their latest song 'Heart Vacancy', Max  admitted: "I thought lads would think we'd gone soft doing a ballad. However, my mate rang me the other week on the way to the pub and said 'Heart Vacancy' put him in a right good mood, so I was chuffed." 

Tom  added: "As much as young girls will like it, the one thing I really want is for guys to buy it."

The Wanted's self-titled debut album is on course for a top 5 chart placing this Sunday.


Kimberley Walsh- "Jay Is Really Cute"♥

So, not surprisingly, Kimerley walsh thinks jays cute...
Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh was left feeling "old" when she recently met with The Wanted.
The 28-year-old spoke with the boyband for her TV show Suck My Pop and admits to having a crush on one of the guys.
"I've just interviewed The Wanted for Suck My Pop - I hate to say it but they made me feel so old! They were lovely though," Walsh wrote in her OK! column (out this week).
"I think that most people fancy Max, but there was something really cute about Jay, I really warmed to him.''
"If I was a teenager his picture would definitely be on my bedroom wall!"
Kimberley Walsh "Jay From The Wanted Is Really Cute"
Leave comments below!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Wanted Live Lounge ♥

Hello, so, Finally we are able to watch the wanted at radio 1's live lounge, were they had an interview with Fearne Cotton and did a live performance of Heart Vacancy and For The First Time.
Here's a video of the wanted performing The Scripts- For the first time at radio 1's live lounge!

...and here is a  video of the wanted performing Heart Vacancy at radio 1's live lounge!

Hope you enjoyed them, i did!
P.s Dont know about you.....but i stilll think they look hot, even dressed as flys,Vampires&the rest!

The Wanted Current album signings! ♥

Hello, so, you got a copy of the wanted's album yet?
If not, WHY NOT!?
Its good, very good, Promise.
If you have got a copy why don't you head down to one of these signings and meet the boys!

-Friday 29th October
Signing: 1pm-3pm
RH10 1GY 

-Saturday 30th October
Signing: 10am-2pm

-Signing: start 4pm sign until finished (store closes at midnight)
M28 3B0T

P.s....if you are going to a signing, feel free to mention this blog to the wanted!
Id love you forever....Tweet me @ThewantedWYR

The Wanted Pictures & TV appearances ♥

Heres some lovely pictures of the boys for ya:

Nathan from Boy Band 'The Wanted' attends the Lipsy party at Movida.Tom from Boy Band 'The Wanted' attends the Lipsy party at Movida.Jay from boy band 'The Wanted' outside Kanaloa. The boy band were celebrating Max's upcoming birthday at Kanaloa Club. Nathan was missing, as he is still underage.

Max from boy band 'The Wanted' outside Kanaloa. The boy band were celebrating Max's upcoming birthday at Kanaloa Club. Nathan was missing, as he is still underage.Siva Kaneswaran Siva Kaneswaran from hot new band 'The Wanted', who are currently topping  the UK Charts with 'All Time Low', celebrate Tom Parker's 22nd birthday at the Aura Club before moving on to the Cirque Du Soir Club to continue the celebrations. Max and birthday boy Tom remained until the club emptied out in the early hours.

And here's some good information that you can't miss out on!
The WANTED will be performing Heart Vacancy on The Alan Titchmarsh Show tomorrow! ITV at 5pm, tune in!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The WANTED to perform at BBC Teen Awards! ♥

Hello, so, exciting news:

The WANTED are set to perform at Radio 1 Teen Awards will take place on Sunday 14th 

November at the Hammersmith Apollo, London.Doors open at 1pm, and the event will finish at
Tickets ARE FREE (including £5.50 P&P)! And will be available from Sunday 31st of
October. Tickets can only be obtained as a group of 4.
^^click above for ticket information!^^
The Line up also includes:
Pro Green!
and Taylor swift!

Monday, 25 October 2010

The Wanted do Live Lounge...For the first time! ♥

...excuse the pun.
so today the wanted were in radio 1's live lounge.....In fancy dress.
They were dressed as:
Jay- An Avatar, obvously! *Javatar!*
Tom- Texas chainsaw Massacre
Max- The Joker
Siva- Dracula
Nathan- A FLY! 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' 
Such an improvement, dont you think? ;)
So, if you missed the wanted do a BEAUTIFUL version on heart vacancy,
and an AMAZING cover of The Scripts- For The First Time!
.....But if you did miss it, you can listen again HERE!
welll done boys!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Heart Vacancy NUMBER 2 ♥

So they did it, 
got an amazing place in the chart again!
How many people can say they got a number 1 with their first single, and a number 2 with their second....not many. But the wanted can!
Im sooo proud of them, and im sure all of you are too!
They really do deserve it alot!
..and because of their success, i think i should put some old TW pics on the blog!
Here Ya go:

Vote for The WANTED for 4music Video Honours ♥

So, Thanks to 4Music The WANTED are nominated for 3 awards:
2010’s Hottest Boys - All Time Low
Best Video of 2010 - All Time Low
Click on the links above to vote!
So Get voting #TWfanmily, its easy!

..Its officially #sykessunday ♥

Hello, so its sykes sunday AND also the day we find out were heart vacancy is in the charts!
and i know that were ever they get to in the charts, we will all be proud of them! 

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Nathan Quickfire, this will make you laugh! ♥

I know its the end of #wantedweek sadly, but here is nathan introducing wanted week!
This is a quickfire interview done with Nathan, its hilarious!
Whats your favourite catchphrase? ''sexytime, wait no, were did that come from, no not that, no''
This is a Interview with Nathan:
Thanks to 'EntertainmentFocus

P.s Anyone think Tom Looks Like Barry Chuckle here?
Tom, whilst getting ‘leathered’ ;)

The Wanted and Your Mum! ♥

Hello, So i'm not trying to be all cool bye writing 'your mum' up there ^^
This post actually is about your mum,
Watch this:
Its flipping amazing isnt it!
I think it would be awesome for the next B-side!

Friday, 22 October 2010

The Wanted......LIVE AND LOST. ♥

So...after bribing you hungry lot on twitter for this vital information, i thought....i might as well just spill it!
Firstly: Anyone Frankmusik fans out there, if so, you will already know what 'Live and Lost' Is!
So...'what is live and lost?' i hear you ask....
Live and Lost with Blackberry begins with an artist stranded literally in the middle of nowhere, and with nothing more than your help they'll have to get to a gig hundreds of miles away! By 'help' we mean everything from lifts in your parents' car, to a bed for the night at your house. Sound good?
 The Wanted are going on a tour with a difference: getting to the gigs depends on you, their loyal and, let’s hope, helpful fans - should you choose to accept your mission. Or to put it another way, log on to the dedicated Live and Lost facebook hub, where you can get involved and offer help to the artists while they're on the road.
During Live and Lost:

They’ll be documenting their journey on the Live and Lost facebook hub, which is where you come in: they will post messages asking for help. 
Your job is convincing your parents to start up the Fiat Punto or your flatmates to clear a space in the loft… this could be your chance to find out whether Jay from The Wanted talks in his sleep!
So basically, Thanks to T4, you could wake up, with the wanted in your house, sound good eh!?
Live and Lost Logo
 in his sleep, and what kind of pyjamas Example wears (if any), as they could be spending the night with you before moving on down the road.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

#Wantedwednesday ♥

Hello, so its #wantedwednesday!
....and its also #wantedweek!
Heres just a general #TW update for today:
Heres a image of the wanted that appears in this months
X Magazine [out 20.10.10]
They are all wet.....
and to be fair, the all look hot.
-Also, here is todays video!
Featuring some other celebrity's!
-This weeks #wantedwednesday mailer is out,
In the mailer, there is also a chance to win a pair of tickets to the wanted's exclusive signing & gig at 'The forum' in London on the 25th of october!.
-The wanted were on 'Daybreak' this morning, and if you missed it (like me!)
You can watch it here- >>Performance of heart vacancy!<<
-They also appeared on Blue Peter Yesterday, and if you missed it you can catch up on it here! 
-Also, The wanted: Revealed was aired today and if you missed it, well, i'm not going to lie, you missed out, it was amazing!
BUT...i'm pretty sure it will be repeated or posted online very soon, and AS SOON as I know the details, I will post them on here!
-and finally HEART VACANCY, its currently and number 1 on itunes, and we need it to get to number 1!
So please, please, please.....just buy one more copy?
Its only 79p, its really not alot!
PLEASE, lest do it for the boys! :)
click here to buy it- >>HEART VACANCY<<
and lets all hope for another number 1 on sunday!