Sunday, 19 December 2010

Matt Cardle Not A Fan Of The Wanted! ♥

The shame he has bought apon essex....

Matt Cardle has spoken about the guest performers on this years X Factor, revealing who he loved and hated.
Matt said: I’m not just saying this but Rihanna really blew me away vocally. She is just incredible, so powerful and she’s like 23 and is amazing.”
He also went on to say: “I thought Jamiroquai were good, I know that’s a bit controversial and Take That and Westlife were great.”
However he also revealed that he wasn’t too keen on boyband The Wanted. “The Wanted I didn’t rate, I’m not a massive fan”, Matt said.
This annoys me, I love Matt, and I love the wanted......well, we will see.


  1. i love them both too :( ARGHHH

  2. whooo doesnt like the wanted? im a fan of both artists but i think the wanted are just a bit better than matt:).