Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Tom will be appearing on Never mind the Buzzcocks on the 12th of december along with Jimmy Osmond and Caroline Flack!
Make sure you tune in!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Yeah, I'm new!

Hi everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself as being the new blog co-owner Jay (@DJay95), some of you may have saw or heard me around while some of you are probably wondering who I am? 
Well, I'm not an intruder and after a vigorous application I was lucky enough to be picked out of a lot of people to help out with one of the biggest TW sites ever! So here's a few bullet pointers about me (not in a shallow way!):

  • I'm 16 years old and I'm one of those rare straight male TW fans!
  •  I discovered TW in the early stages of their career when they were doing school tours and I was helping to promote them. I instantly fell in love with 'All Time Low' as it was something different to what I had heard as a debut single before.
  • I'm a big TW fan and I'm lucky enough to be seeing them on their first arena tour next year with my best mate @lauralovessykes! I've also met them once at a book signing on my nan's birthday, which was a great day for both reasons!
  • My favourite song by them is a tricky one to answer, but  I'd say it is either 'Say It On The Radio' or 'Rocket'.
  • My favourite member is Jay, not only cause he has the same name as me, but because he is as clumsy as me and he's rather hilarious!
So now you know a bit more about me than you did before! I'm here to bring you the latest TW news as soon as it happens and I'm 100% committed to that! If you fancy saying "hello", want a chat  (Be warned I can talk for England!) or if you have anything you might think is EPIC TW shizz and deserves to be on the blog, drop me a tweet @DJay95, and as TW  say "I'll be your strength" well maybe not as dramatic, but I'll be there to reply! Stay tuned as there is lot's of things coming soon but for now thanks for having me onboard!


TW Play Mario & Sonic!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

TW Videos!

Everyone take a look at the wanted's MUZU HERE channel for exclusive video clips and more!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Warzone video....ITS HERE!

The video for The Wanted's brilliant new single is now here!
I think its their BEST video yet, watch it and comment below on what you think!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Warzone video... TOMORROW!


The Wanted Reveal Secrets Of New Album 'Battleground' to Capital!

Recently TW revealed some information about their Brand new album, Battleground, to Capital, Here it is:

'Glad You Came'

Jay: "At the end of the 'Glad You Came' video, we were all meant to jump into the sea...including the extras. But one of the girls chickened out and refused to jump".


Max: "When we filmed the video for 'Lightning' it was genuinely scary. There were rattlesnakes and tarantulas everywhere so we had to constantly watch out for them".


Nathan: "In the video I'm supposed to make it look like I'm having a fight with this massive guy after an argument. The director called me in and said I had to improvise a fight with him. Now I'm not exactly the biggest guy in the band...I pushed this guy and he pushed me back and I went flying backwards through some doors. It was so slapstick!"


Nathan: "This track is like a party - it's a great song to listen to before you go out. I think it's our strongest ballad. It's beautiful".


Jay: "It was written by Diane Warren, one of the biggest songwriters ever, whose name has been on over a billion records sold. She wrote tracks like 'How Do I Live' and 'Don't Break My Heart'."

'The Weekend'

Tom: "I actually produced a bit of this track. I only started producing recently - it's been really good fun."

'Lie To Me'

Tom: "The song's about being in a relationship with a girl who's lying to you, but you're just not ready to see or accept the truth".

'Gold Forever'

Jay: "We filmed the video for 'Gold Forever' on the set of the film The King's Speech".

Sunday, 6 November 2011

First news interview with The Wanted: On Traveling, Justin Bieber and the Warzone video!

How was the Justin Bieber tour?
Tom: It was so good.
Nathan: It was such a shame that we could only do the dates in Brazil, because he asked us to do the whole South America tour. The first night we went on stage in Brazil they were having tropical storms. 
Max: As we were walking up to the stage we looked up at this black sky and saw lightning striking down. They weren’t sure if we’d be able to go on, as the lights at the front had already been knocked out by 

the lightning. 

Siva: There’s a picture of us and all the big stadium lights, then there is a massive streak of lightning going right down to the ground. It’s the best picture I’ve ever seen of us. And that’s where the song Lightning came from. Ha ha, it wasn’t really!

Tell us a little bit about the new album.
Tom: Have you heard it? It’s very different. The next single is called Warzone. We’re like Rihanna, churning those singles out. 
Max: I think out of the 11 tracks, we wrote seven. And then there are an extra four tracks on the deluxe version of the album and we wrote all of those. 

How have you changed since the first album?
Jay: For the first album we had a lot of input. This time we have a new record label who are great. It’s not a case of just inputting our ideas anymore, we have a lot of say in all the tracks and if they need to be remixed or re-recorded. We’re really creatively satisfied now and think we’re better writers. Our next single, Max and Nathan wrote. I wish I’d written it. I think we’ve all improved a lot.
Max: I remember being on the phone to my girlfriend Michelle when we were writing the song, and I remember having the conversation with her about it. It’s exciting that it’s the next single. 

You seem really excited about everything at the moment!
Nathan: We are. This album is really exciting for us. 
Jay: The new video was a lot of fun to shoot as well, and we’re doing a bit of acting in it. There’s probably not going to be an Oscar in the post, but it was really fun. 
Nathan: I had to have a fight with this guy. The first time we just improvised so we could work out where we all needed to be and which angle the shot was to be filmed from. I had to square up to this guy who was a basketball player and about 6ft. He pushes me and I fly backwards out of the door I just walked through. We weren’t even filming at that point! 
Siva: It was so funny. 
Nathan: It’s going be a wicked video. We set fire to a grand piano in it. And a car. 

How much say do you have in your videos?
Max: We always come up with the general idea for what want to do. With Lightning we kind of did it on the day because it was so last minute.  For Glad You Came, the video was so different. In the original treatment we were given we were all throwing cupcakes and jelly. And we were like, what is this?
Nathan: It was shocking. We sat in this meeting and were like no, let’s go to Ibiza and have a party. Warzone is very different, it’s an angry video. It’s an angry song, though, if I’m honest. 

As well as recording the album, you’ve been travelling a lot too.
Tom: It has literally been The Wanted’s

tour of the world. We have been everywhere. Australia, Singapore, Madrid, Brazil. Our passports are full of stamps. 

Jay: And visas. Getting a visa is really 


Nathan: It’s terrifying. They interrogate you. 
Jay: We were there getting our visa and Gerard Butler was there too. We didn’t talk to him. We were scared, he’s about 8ft2!

Where is the best place you’ve been so far this year?
Jay: I loved New York, Madrid and Australia.
Tom: The first night in Australia was amazing, the second was the worst I have ever had. We had an hour’s sleep and a full day of interviews. I just wanted someone to put me to bed. Jet lag messes you up! 
Siva: We tried to stay up to beat it but it didn’t work and we felt awful. 
Jay: Max wanted to organise a shark-diving trip in Australia. 
Max: We were on the wrong side of 

Australia though, although the day we 
got there someone got eaten by a great white. So it was lucky really. We would have been shark bait!


The Wanted's amazing second album Battleground, is out now!
Make sure you buy the album and help it get to number 1!
Buy the Normal version of the album HERE and the Deluxe version HERE!
what do you think of the album? 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Today the Wanted's 7th single Warzone got it's first radio play!
I think its the BEST single yet, and sure to be number one!
Listen to it here:
Warzone is from the Wanted's next album, Battleground, out 7th November! BUY HERE.