Name: Tom Parker
Age: 22
Date Of Birth:04/08/1988
Hometown: Bolton
Star Sign: Leo
Favourite Food: Indian, Italian

Height:5ft 10

Eye Colour:Hazel

Hair Colour:Brown

Favourite Band:Oasis
Football Team: Bolton Wanderers
Favourite Animal:Parrot
Favourite TV Show as a kid:Rosie and Jim
Recent TV Show:The Inbetweeners
Favourite Trainers:Reebok
I like it when... i'm writing music and playing my guitar.
If I could rule... the country, i would make tax zero.
If it was the end... of the world, i would hide in a bunker
If my name was... Liam Gallagher, i would be cool
If I was a girl... i would go into the girls toilets and find out what they actually talk about when they go in there in 2s,3s,9s.
If I could have... just one day with John Lennon
I hate it when... i'm bored
Tom Gallery:

Max George "The Wanted " band members Tom Parker and Max George makes their way through the crowds as they leave the Whisky Mist nightclub in the early hours of the morning.