Tuesday, 19 June 2012

TOTP's New Look!

TOTP is back this week with a brand new look! Although the mag that is home to “The World of The Wanted” has always been a great read the re-invention of the magazine has a slightly older feel but still manages to keep it’s same fun and easy read vibe.
The most successful part of the new look for me was the fashion and beauty pages which are now much more focused around celebrities that we all love for their fashion and beauty, offering us lots of top tips!
Of course, you’ll all want to get your hands on this week’s copy to get a sneak peek into life on The Wanted’s tour bus as well as getting your weekly fix of The World of The Wanted!
So grab a copy and enjoy!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Make The Wanted YOUR Choice

It's that time of year again and The Wanted are nominated for not one but FOUR Teen Choice awards. The categories they are in include:

Breakout Group
Music Group
Summer Song - Glad You Came
Music Star Group

#TWFanmily are always brilliant at supporting the boys so loet's vote and help them get the awards they deserve! You can vote everyday with one vote per category a day... GET VOTING!

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Wanted get drenched at Universal Studios...without Nathan.

The Wanted took a trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood yesterday in an effort to cool down from the Californian heat.

Siva KaneswaranJay McGuinessMax George and Tom Parker looked pleased with themselves as they jumped on the Jurassic Park log flume ride and got suitably drenched.

We couldn't help but notice Nathan Sykes' absence...

He was instead apparently campaigning for fans' rights outside the boys' hotel.

He tweeted: "So angry at the 'security' at the hotel we are staying in. forcing our fans to move from underneath shelter to stand in the pouring rain.

"Then he tries to bullsh*t me with 'company policies'! i'm sure there is none there about being a total a**hole and not having a heart #pr*ck

"Its a shame cause everyone at this hotel has been awesome and so good to the girls outside but obviously this guy wanted to be a jobs-worth."

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tom teaches Brooklyn Beckham to play the guitar!

Tom took time out recently in the US to teach David Beckham's son Brooklyn some guitar, it has emerged.
The Beckhams took in a soundcheck whilst the UK boyband were out in the country in their attempts to break the market.
Jay McGuiness told The Sun that Parker taught Brooklyn, who had been playing guitar for three weeks, the Oasis hit 'Wonderwall'. He said:
"Tom taught Brooklyn how to play Wonderwall, which was a beautiful moment. He'd only just starting learning how to play three weeks before and is well into his rock music. He told us he likes music as well as football but he doesn't really know which way to go."

EXCLUSIVE TW Interview on Vegas, making it in the US and more...

Friday, 9 March 2012

The end of The Code

After playing some of the biggest venues across the country (including a sold out show at London's O2 Arena!) The Wanted's first ever arena tour came to an end tonight in Dublin. The tour featured songs from Battleground, with "I'll Be Your Strength" being dedicated to all the fans. The boys are soon going back to America to do more gigs and there's even hints of a new single coming soon.

We here at The Wanted blog would like to say a massive congratulations to the boys for The Code and a huge well done and thank you for their constant hard work, from the mailers and flips to the albums and tours. Good luck and have fun in America!

Were you lucky enough to go to The Code? If so tell us how it was in the comments below!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Wanted get Punk'd Ashton Kutcher!

They are becoming hugely successful Stateside, following the inclusion of one of their songs on hit TV show Glee, and recently announced the release date of their US album.
But perhaps the most exciting acknowledgement of their breaking of America came last month, when The Wanted found themselves the victim of one of Ashton Kutcher's legendary pranks on iconic television show Punk'd.
The five-piece are believed to have been filming their new video in Los Angeles when they were apparently approached by police for trespassing where they shouldn't have been.

You've been Punk'd! The Wanted became victims of one of Ashton Kutcher's pranks in Los Angeles last month

In a hilarious video of the prank taking place, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes are seen being warned by police as they sit looking sulky on the curb.
Jay, who is believed to have been in on the prank, is then seen getting 'arrested' by the police, and being taken around the side where, presumably, a Punk'd trailer was located.
As his bandmate was cuffed and taken off by police, Max is seen with his head in his hands, looking upset at the whole situation.
Struggling: Tom looked concerned as he was forced to lay on the floor with his arms up by the 'police'
Struggling: Tom looked concerned as he was forced to lay on the floor with his arms up by the 'police'
Get on the ground! It is not clear why the boys were 'arrested', but is believed to be to do with them trespassing where they shouldn't have been

Following Jay's mock arrest, Tom is then seen talking to another policeman fairly emphatically about the trouble then were in. Several minutes later, Tom is seen laying on the floor with his arms above his head - a standard position for people when they are arrested or being told to wait by police.
The outcome of the stunt remains to be seen when the ninth series of Punk'd premieres on March 29th.

The Wanted being Punk'd is the latest in a string of indications that the band are well on their way to having as much success Stateside as in their home country.
And after beating Take That to become the most successful UK boyband in America, the boys will be releasing an album for their American fans next month.
The boys took to Twitter to announce their exciting news, writing: 'Great news, America: We are thrilled to announce we will be releasing our first U.S. album on April 24!! Stay tuned for details :).'


Monday, 5 March 2012

THE CODE - By @Sarahchambers19

So, as you may know the wanted are currently travelling the UK for their first areana tour, here is an awesome post from Sarah, with everything you need to know on The Code!

Just 2 years ago, collectively the names Jay, Tom, Max, Nathan and Siva would have meant nothing to 99.9% of the population, but just 24 months later and the boys have embarked on their first arena tour across the UK and Ireland.
The tour also known as The Code, or to fans who more affectionately know it as The Wanted Arena Tour (Initialise it) is based around a storyline of the boys being captured and needing a code to escape.
Though this was their first arena tour, this didn’t stop the boys from putting on an amazing performance. The only thing that gave away this was their first arena tour was the look of shock and amazement on their faces at several parts during the show when they looked out into the crowd and saw tens of thousands of people screaming back at them.
Starting off with the upbeat Invincible was certainly a wise choice, within seconds the whole arena was bouncing, or crying at what the boys have achieved over the past two years.
They then took it back to the first album with their third single Lose My Mind, followed by the quite apt Rocket, the lyrics of which seemed to sum up what was happening in the world of The Wanted at the moment.
If you went to the first two shows in Nottingham and Manchester the next song would have been Last to Know, however after this they changed the set and replaced this with one of my personal favourites, The Weekend. The boys then continued to mix songs from the old album with that of the new. Lightning, Last to know, Dagger and Heart vacancy followed.

It was then for the boys to prove they’re not just your normal typical boyband with matching outfits and dance routines, with an acoustic version of I Want It All, a song written by Siva and his brother Daniel. With Siva on acoustic guitar, Tom on electric guitar, Nathan on Piano, Max on Bass and Jay on percussion, it was a moment to bring a tear to anyone’s eye.
They then put their instruments down and went into I’ll be your strength, a song written by Jay and Nathan, but not before an emotional speech by Jay: “Sometimes when we read your fanmail, we don’t always know what to say but sometimes just being there helps and this song is about that. We hope that just coming here helps you forget about that stuff. It’s called I’ll Be Your Strength.” This topped with Max changing the last line of the song to ‘We’ll keep strong for you’ meant the arena nearly flooded with tears.
Then it was onto their latest single Warzone which was written by Nathan and Max. Accompanied by flames and a rising stage it was certainly a spectacle not to be missed.

Another costume change followed and to the delight of the fans, the 5 boys walked through the crowd to the stage (accompanied by a lot of security though) ready for their Coldplay cover medley. A rather surprising choice of cover for some people, but it has to be said it was one of the highlights of the whole nights. Viva la Vida, Every Teardrop is a waterfall, Paradise and then the boys took up their instruments for Fix You.
The final four songs got the best reaction of the night including Say it on the Radio which despite not being released as a single is one of the fans and the boys’ favourites.
Gold Forever followed before they took it back to where it all started with All Time Low. To see how much they have achieved since the schools and radio tours when the song was released less than two years ago is remarkable and proves that you don’t always need a talent competition to make it big in the music industry.
Ending the night on probably the most apt song of the night Glad You Came, as the whole arena seemed to agree that they were. An amazing end to a truly amazing night, and the boys definitely did themselves, their friends and family and most importantly the fans proud.
All the success both here and across the pond could not have happened to five more deserving and hardworking boys who are genuinely some of the nicest people I have ever met. Here’s to next tour!

VEVO Interview!

the Wanted on the fans!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

*THE PEOPLE INTERVIEW* The boys want it - and seem to be getting it!

In the biggest boyband battle for years, The Wanted are well and truly on top - and not just in the charts!
The lads became the most successful British boyband in American chart history when Glad You Came reached number five last week.
Take That only got to number seven with Back for Good in 1995 and X Factor outfit One Direction reached number 28 with What Makes You Beautiful.
In an exclusive interview with The People, The Wanted - Max George, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker, and Siva Kaneswaran - revealed how success in the States is not confined to record sales.
Nathan, 18, said: "If you look at One Direction's chart position and then look at ours, they're not really even our rivals.
"They have different fans to us. We don't want their fans, they're too young.
"We laugh and say that their fans are our fans' younger sisters. We have our own success going on in America and it isn't just with the music."
Indeed not.
The Wanted's rugged yet extremely handsome look has proved a big hit with the American ladies. And Nathan revealed that their female fans across the Atlantic are a lot more easy-going than their British cousins.
He said: "We are extremely fortunate to have the best-looking fans - they are absolutely beautiful, so fit. But there is one big difference between the American ones and the British ones.
"We find British girls very cute but very shy so they take a bit more hard work to crack.
"On the other hand, the American girls are forward and loud. We're cleaning up with the Americans.
"If they're interested then we will know about it - they will tell us they're interested and then we swap numbers. Let's just say that after that it usually ends up in a positive outcome. We find we have to try a lot harder with our British fans."
For these boys, their next trip to the States cannot come soon enough. Nathan added: "We can't wait until the American spring break because we are going to Las Vegas. Our tour manager has told us that he is not going to stop until he has got us the fittest girls there so that is something some of the boys and I are definitely very much looking forward to."
Speaking ahead of last night's sell-out gig at London's O2, Jay thought back to his time in the States - and struggled to wipe the massive grin off his face.
The 21-year-old said: "I slept with more girls in America in one month than I have for a whole year in the UK. The boys who are not single help me, they make way for me. And Americans' boobs are lovely.
There are a lot of fake ones."
So what is it that makes the boys so popular with the US hotties? "Our accents," said Nathan.
"We'll be in a club and we'll see the girls coming over and they'll tell us they love our accents. Then things take their course."
Of course, not all of the band take part in such antics.
Loved-up Max, 24, watches from the sidelines with his gorgeous girlfriend, Michelle Keegan. The Corrie beauty, according to the boys, sometimes even tries to set the rest of the band up with her single mates.
Nathan said: "We're mostly all players, apart from Max, who is going out with Michelle. She loves hearing our stories about us and our fans.
"Michelle loves getting involved in the gossip - sometimes she comes to watch us perform with a load of her friends and she tries to palm them off on us."
The lads may breezily dismiss One Direction as their rivals but they cannot quite believe they have charted higher in the US than Take That.
Tom, 23, said: "It is a massive achievement to be bigger than Take That - Back For Good is such an amazing song so to beat them is huge. "Now we're being compared to The Beatles, which just takes the p*** - most of us aren't even old enough to have a legal drink in America." There were, in fact, attempts to ban all the boys from drinking in the States.
However, they plan to celebrate their US success with a legal drink over here - with some special guests.
Nathan said: "Once this battle is over with One Direction we are going to take them for a drink, and we'll show them who can drink the most.
"I think they will enjoy the experience of seeing us being able to drink a lot more than them.
"I think we can drink them under the table - when we're on tour we go out drinking every third night so we have had plenty of practice.
"We tend to start on beer and then go on to spirits. Then of course we will take the 1D boys to a strip club. I would love to see their faces when we suggest that. I think it's highly unlikely they have ever been to one before."
The band appeared on the massively popular Ellen DeGeneres show on US TV in January and they also have an interview lined up with legendary American chatshow host Jay Leno.
The lads are desperate for their music to be taken seriously - unlike, they claim, the X Factor lot.
Jay said: "One Direction are smashing it. Along with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez they are on the front of all the teenage magazines in America because the young girls love them.
"But, on the other side of the coin, we are on the radio stations talking about our music."
The Wanted also insist they don't want to be restricted by a Simon Cowell figure overseeing the band.
Nathan said: "Unlike One Direction we don't have Simon but we don't need him either.
"He is too controlling for us - we like to have control of our own music. We are too outspoken, we want to choose who we work with and we want to work with a lot of different ones. We are so focused on ourselves.
"We like to sit and write our songs, decide what we do but, like any of the X Factor acts, One Direction don't really have much of a choice about what they do.
"Of course having Simon behind a project is an amazing thing to have but we haven't suffered by not having him.
"We have got on the Ellen show and we're going on Jay Leno so that speaks for itself. We are so proud, we are doing this for Britain.
"If you had asked any of us two years ago if we thought we'd be here today, we'd have laughed in their faces."
The boys - who only hit the big time in July 2010 - have now got just four dates left of their sell-out tour of UK and Ireland.
They are due to finish on Friday in Dublin where they will celebrate their US achievement with their families on a very big night out.
However, Nathan insists that the parents will be "ditched" before they hit the nightclubs.The Wanted

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Warblers perform GLAD YOU CAME!

I posted the audio yesterday, but here is the video of Glee's Warblers performing GLAD YOU CAME!
All i can really say is....This makes me SO proud of the wanted!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


A few weeks ago we posted the news that GLEE were going to be covering Glad You Came!
Here it is, performed by The Warblers for season 3 of Glee!
What do you think of it?

THE CODE is on!

The wanted's first arena tour has started!
More pictures and videos coming soon!

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Wanted on Chelsea Lately and Tour Merch!

Hi everyone,

So earlier this week the boys were on Chelsea Lately, a US chat show on channel E! in the US of A. The boys talked about Glad You Came of course but then Chelsea got them talking about penetration, bull-riding, the Jonas Brothers, gay clubs, fake IDS and more! Now your prepared,  get watching it below!

Well that was an interesting interview! Now as The Code... tour is getting closer, only 5 days until the opening show, the webstore has been updated with some amazing new merchandise you can pick up from the first TW arena tour! Have a look at some of the t shirt designs below, all with secret agent costumes and themes:

All of these are available to buy here from the official TW Merch Store! Also today a lot of TW fans have woken up to the postman delivering their tickets, so it's a good sign of TW Tour fever about to sweep the UK soon!


Monday, 6 February 2012

Walkers Crisps - The Wanted and Gary Lineker!


The Wanted are currently touring around the USA to try and crack the American market, and so far, so well! The Wanted have just announced that their number 1  single 'Glad You Came' is set to feature in an upcoming episode of the hugely popular US TV series Glee.
Jay said: "Glee is just as big in the UK, so when we heard, we were just like 'what's going on boys'."
Their latest US single will be performed by the famous Glee cast and the TWfanmily immediately took to their Twitter accounts to announce their joy at the news.
Stay tunes for more information, dates and times!