Tuesday, 19 June 2012

TOTP's New Look!

TOTP is back this week with a brand new look! Although the mag that is home to “The World of The Wanted” has always been a great read the re-invention of the magazine has a slightly older feel but still manages to keep it’s same fun and easy read vibe.
The most successful part of the new look for me was the fashion and beauty pages which are now much more focused around celebrities that we all love for their fashion and beauty, offering us lots of top tips!
Of course, you’ll all want to get your hands on this week’s copy to get a sneak peek into life on The Wanted’s tour bus as well as getting your weekly fix of The World of The Wanted!
So grab a copy and enjoy!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Make The Wanted YOUR Choice

It's that time of year again and The Wanted are nominated for not one but FOUR Teen Choice awards. The categories they are in include:

Breakout Group
Music Group
Summer Song - Glad You Came
Music Star Group

#TWFanmily are always brilliant at supporting the boys so loet's vote and help them get the awards they deserve! You can vote everyday with one vote per category a day... GET VOTING!