Sunday, 5 December 2010

Don't cry yet girls..... ♥

Michelle Keegan and The Wanted's Max have been spotted flirting in a Manchester hotel, with sources claiming the pair slipped into a lift together.
As Coronation Street's Tina, Michelle Keegan has to choose between dopey Graham and psycho David Platt so it's no surprise that when hot boyband star Max from The Wanted flirted with the actress that she was more than a little interested.
The pair were seen waiting for a taxi at 3am after spending the night at a party with the other Wanted boys and Michelle's friends.
The group then returned to the bands hotel but Michelle and Max were in no rush to join the group and were spotted flirting in the hotel corridor.
"They were giggling and she touched his coat a lot and gently pushed him across the floor with her hands on his back." a source told News of the World

"It was like they were trying to make up their minds up over something. I kept expecting her to give him a kiss and go home but all of a sudden they had a quick look at who was about, hit the call button and jumped in the lift."

A spokesperson for Michelle claimed that she lives very near the hotel and did not spend the night.
Could this be the pop romance to fill the Marvin Rochelle shaped hole in our lives?!
P.s....i found this on the internet, it may not be true, im just here to inform you. :)

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