Friday, 30 July 2010

The Wanted My Look-a-likes ♥

Hello, So i said a while ago i would do my look-a-likes for the wanted!
And here they are!
Comment on this post and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

#wantedwednesday email from the wanted♥

Hello! so everyweek the wanted send out an email to people have signed up, if you haven't signed up heres this weeks email from the wanted:

A big hello to all our AMAZING fans!!

This week has been unreal and we just can't believe how supportive you guys have been. Thank you thank you thank you! All Time Low is doing so well in the iTunes chart so please dont stop as we need to keep doing this well if we are going to top the charts on Sunday!

So we said this week was crazy... but what have we been so busy doing? Well, did any of you see us on the BBC 5.19 show with Tomand AJ? Nathan cooked a delicious meal of... erm... chocolate and spinach. Ahem. Probably don't try that one at home. (Well, i dont care what you lot say, it was actually amazing - Nath)

If you missed it you can watch it on BBC iPlayer
here - you can get a tour of our house (check out Siva's gold silk bedsheets haha!) and also get some tips from The Twilight boys in the same episode!

We've also been on the road again the last week and we met so many amazing people bringing us presents, cards, pictures and even cakes for Jay-birds's birthday - soooooo lovely. Muchos love to everyone that sent me all the bday messages and gifts - it def was the best birthday EVER - Jay x (yeh but don't forget it's my birthday on August 4th lol -Tom)

This week we want to give something back to u lot to show our appreciation... so we are giving away a brand new mobile phone courtesy of Monkey from Orange. If you wanna win you just need to tell us how old Jay is now... you can enter the competition here

(ooooh posh!)

And #wantedweek is coming to a close and we know we've been spoiling you guys with a new video every single day... but don't give up hope... maybe there will be a surprise video coming later this week. Keep checkin the YT, facebook and twitter guys! Stay tuneddddd folks!

Loadsa love

Siva, Max, Jay, Nath and Tom xxx

The Wanted Poll Results ♥

so this weeks polls are now closed!
This weeks polls were 'Sexiest member of the wanted' and 'The wanteds best song'.
So the winner of 'Sexiest Member of the wanted' was max with 8 votes out of 18!
and the winner of 'The wanteds best song' was 'all time low with 13 votes out of 18!
So i will post two new polls up today, but if you have anyideas for new polls email or comment on this post. thanks!

Its #wantedwednesday ♥

So today is the last day of #wantedweek!
But its also #wantedwednesday!

The wanted did there ustream today, it was awesome! did everyone like it?
Did anyone get a mention?
I did! ;D

& heres todays awesome #wantedwednesday video!
Love ya!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

#wantedwednesday Fans On Twitter ♥

So i said id do this every #wantedwednesday, and i will!
So can everyone please go and follow the following please:
Have a good #wantedwednesday

#wantedweek ♥

Well.....hasnt it been a great week?
-7 new videos from the wanted!
-Debut single 'All Time Low' got to number 1 in the charts, on its first day!
-And well...everyones in a great mood.
So heres the #wantedweek videos!
Id just like to state, it took over 2 hours for me to do this post! not as simple as you think! D:
Day 2- Get Cartered!
Day 3-Photobooth Frenzy!
Day 4-MTV, Capital and some crazy fans!
Day 5 (for some reason its unavalable ATM, and that was my fav!)
Day 6- The Interveiw
Day 7-Screams for the B-side.
So i hope everysingle one of you has enjoyed #wantedweek, i certanly have!
I hope everyone has bought the single,
& lets keep the wanted at number 1!

P.s Post tomoro will be #wantedwednesday Fan follows, so if you wouls like to be mentioned in the post, tweet @thewantedwyr or email @ Send your name and twitter name! Thanks <3
Love you all!
Bye ♥

Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Wanted Get To Number 1!!! ♥

So amazing news!
All Time Low was released today....and it got to number 1 in the end!
On its first day of release!!
Im so happy for the wanted!!
and im sure every other fan is too!
They are going to be big!
So good luck to the wanted!!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Jays Birthday ♥

So tomoro, 24th july is jays birthday!
And for a great present i think all TW fans should get #happybdayjay trending!
add it to ALL your tweets today and tomoro and hopefully it will trend!
Tell all your freinds!
Thanks x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

#Wantedweek Picture Of the Week ♥

#WantedWeek ♥

So as you may know its #wantedweek,
Everyday the wanted will be posting a knew video on youtube, and as soon as its on youtube, its on here!
Also, please remember to add #wantedweek to ALL your tweets!
So heres Video Number. 1

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Wanted Poll Results ♥

Hello, Poll results.
I had two polls running this week: 'Cutest Member of The Wanted' & 'Funniest Member Of The Wanted'

So, the winner of 'Cutest Member of The Wanted' was Nathan with 12 of the 18 votes.
and in 2nd place was siva with 3 voted,
Then in joint last place tom, jay & max with 1 vote each. So Nathan Sykes is the cutest member of the wanted.

And the Winner of 'Funniest Member Of The Wanted' is Tom with 9 votes, then joint 2nd is Jay and max with 2 voted each, so you obviously cant be cute and funny!

Thanks if you voted! :)

Monday, 19 July 2010

The Wanted Fans on Twitter ♥

So go follow some other fans: (Ill do this every #wantedwednesday from next week)
If you want to be added to the list next week email me @ or comment on this blog, leave the link to your twitter too! :)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wanted Update & Naked max ♥

So Everyone having a good week?
Remember if you have any questions, or would like anything added to the blog just email
So, did everyone have a good #wantedwednesday too?
I did, i watched the ustream for 45 minuets, and siva said my name!
Wow, it was a good moment!
Im also very excited because nathans doing the competition to win his hat, i hope i win!
any way, Like the post title!
well theres a picture too!
I found this on google, an old picture from max's avenue days!
Enjoy, im sure you will!

Avenue singer Max George in a sexy naked shoot for AXM magazine to raise awareness for Cancer Research and to encourage young guys to be healthy and check themselves

Limerick Competition ♥

Want to win nathans signed hat?
Off his very own head!
Well, all you have to do is make up a limerick about nathan/the wanted and post it on there facebook walll!
Good luck! (I hope i win!)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

WANTEDweek ♥

siva said my name on the ustream! ahh!

So 21st-28th of july is wanted week!
You excited, i am!

#wantedwednesday ♥

Im excited... because its wantedwednesdsay wantedwednesdsay wantedwednesdsay
wantedwednesdsay wantedwednesdsay wantedwednesdsay wantedwednesdsay!
And i have a big announcment @thewantedmusic will be on Ustream at 7.45 14th july 2010!
So im gonna go watch it,

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Wanted Look-a-likes (Toms choice!) ♥

So this is who tom thinks all sthe wanted lads lookalikes are! ;D
Nathan and Stewie Griffin. (NO WAY! Nathans sexy!)
Jay and David Hasslehoff. (This made me laugh, but i agree!)
Siva and Kumar Kaneswaran.(Stupid tom!)
Max and Shayne Ward...(or an old man.)
Tom and Harry Potter. (Kind of agree)
Hope you likes them! Il do my own look-a-likes soon!

The Wanted Poll ♥

So i had a poll running, which band is the best?
19 of you voted!
and 17 of those votes were for the wanted!
Because they are obviously the best!
Crazily? 2 of you voted for JLS but your all entitled to your opinion!
Well done to the wanted!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

'Heart Vacancy' Shoot finished! ♥

The boys are returning to England today from Croatia!
They were out there filming the 'Heart Vacancy' video, and they finished it!
I know its going to be amazing.

Tweet From Max at 9am-ish 7th July '10:
On way home....shoot was amazing....I'm now very excited about tmoro at haigh hall in wigan! Who's coming??

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Boys ♥

Don't We Love The Wanted! and there gorgeous faces!
They make us all laugh so much, so i thought i do a post of pictures of the wanted!
I think nathans the cutest!

Pre-order All Time Low ♥

I have pre-ordered it have you!?
If you haven't go and order it now!

Heart Vacancy ♥

Its official, the boys are filming the heart vacancy video today!
Excited, i am?!

Max tweeted at 11.20 this:
On our way to filming video for Heart Vacancy....can't wait!!!!
Looking foward to seeing the video!

Also people, would as many of you as possile tweet this to the wanted: we want them to see it!

Monday, 5 July 2010

All Time Low ♥

The Wanted Fans ♥

Thanks so much to
She tweeeted this blog loads to try and help!
Thanks so much!
Everyone go and follow her!
An example of a good wanted fan ;D

#thewantedalltimelow Make it trend! ♥

So its 5th Of july 2010! and we are trying to make #thewantedalltimelow a Trending topic of twitter!
Just go and tweet #thewantedalltimelow as much as possible! lets help the wanted!
Update at: 20:41 5th July!
#thewantedalltimelow is too lnog and it will not trend!
So...were trying something different!
lets do it!

For The Fans ♥

So, if there's anything you think i could improve or anything you would like added to the blog email me.
Or, if you have any pictures with the wanted that you would like me to post also email me.
I will try to respond to all of your emails.
Send all emails to:

The Wanted Jetting off to Croatia ♥

So, the wanted boys are flying of to Croatia today, to film there NEW VIDEO!
They have not announced what song it is for, but i hope its 'Heart Vacancy', and I think a lot of other people would like it to be that too right?
So as soon as the video is posted online, ill put it on here!
Looking forward to it!
& Bless Nathan he fell asleep on the way to the airport, isn't Nathan adorable!

The Wanted Backround & Twitter BG ♥

The Image below as made by me, it can be used either as a desktop background or a twitter background, it fits both! Just click on the image and it will open full size in a different window.
Please credit me if using!!

The Wanted Fan Of The Week ♥

Are you The Wanted's biggest fan? Then why don't you show them!...

Every Friday, they're going to pick on of you guys to be crowned they're 'Fan of the Week'! they'll award whoever makes the biggest impact on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or MySpace across the week and announce it on the official social networks!

So post your videos, pictures and any other content on The Wanted's facebook wall, or tweet a link to @thewantedmusic to be in with a chance!

Good Luck!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Wanted At Summertime ball wemby! ♥

The boys very excitedly played at Capital Summertime Ball on Sunday 6th June!!! They were joined by the likes of Pixie Lott, Usher, Justin Bieber and Rihanna live at Wembley Arena!

Did anyone attend summertime ball, if so leave a comment and tell us how The wanted's performance went!

Heres some pictures: