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FF interview with jay! ♥

'Female First' did an interview with jay....

The new single Lose Your Mind is out on December 26, so tell us about it, what can we expect?
It's another upbeat one it's about when somebody is playing mind games with you and your just getting sick of it and you just want to get them out of your head. It's a bit more of an angrier rockier one. And the video is set in a fairground in New York. But we've been told it looks like Brighton, so that's pretty cool.  It's a pretty cool video. We did the X Factor and we did a bit of a fairground theme on that as well and that's why.
How come you're not vying for the Christmas number one?
Because I think we'd get battered, there are loads of American artists and X Factor contestants I think we just kept well out of the way.
Who would you like to see get the Christmas number one?
I don't actually know who's in the running I know the X Factor person will be.
Jedward are going for it aswell...
Well I'm sure they'll get it. Oh you know what I think might win; you know the silent one, the charity one. I think that's a really interesting idea so possibly that one. Even though it'd be a bit weird on TV if every half an hour they said 'and the Christmas number one is' and then it just goes quiet.
So you were on the X Factor a few weeks ago, how did you find it?
You know what it is with us as well any TV we get nervous because with the crowd you just sing your head off but with TV when you do sing if you get it wrong and someone's watching your face as you sing wrong it's really noticeable. We had to try and look polished instead of quite rough how we normally look. So we upped the production and there were loads of rehearsals. We enjoyed the day it was really fun. Nerves were on edge all day.
Do you think if you'd have been in this show this year against One Direction you could have won it?
I don't really know. It depends what people like, some people really capture the nation and some people no matter how hard they try they don't. That Tracey girl I thought she was quite good but there was just something about her you just didn't really care about. I don't know if we'd be one of the connectors or the boring ones.
Didn't the band get put together in the first place in a similar kind of process?
Yeah, really really similar. It was just all behind closed doors so a year and 3 months ago was when we first came together. The audition before that was about nine months long and I think it was about maybe couple of thousand people. It was pretty intense and towards the end it got really intense. There was a horrible time when us five went to a meeting and they said we think you're the five now so all you go home blah blah tell your families and whatever. And then they rung us again and said they wanted to carry on auditioning and we arrived to audition there were 12 people again so we had to go through another set of rounds, we were gutted, but in the end they stuck with us five.
You've come so far in the past year, is it crazy to think that this time last year you could walk down the street and everything would be completely fine?
It is weird because it feels weird for us because we did it for the about six months we did schools and clubs and stuff and nothing happened and our numbers on Facebook went up but that doesn't really mean anything to us because we hadn't released anything so weren't earning any money at all just getting more into debt. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun as well, but then suddenly we we're released and everyone who had seen us or whatever bought the single. And suddenly overnight all five of us who'd been sort of mooching around not really knowing where it was going were like this has turned massive. It's weird but it's what you hoped for all along it's amazing.
What's it like when you're driving round and you see your faces on big billboards?
Amazing whenever we come on the radio we're like yes, come on.
Has there been one thing over the past year that has stood out more than the rest?
There have literally been so many things like that. This happened to me on my own I've talked about it all year. One of the things I'll always remember is on my birthday we did Midlands's festival. There was 88,000 people there and they sung happy birthday to me. And I literally just looked round and I just seen faces until the faces turned into little pink blobs. And I was like everyone's singing me happy birthday, and I don't think this will ever happen again. It was amazing.
Do you think being put into the media spot light and having all this fame and fortune has changed you as a person?
No, not at all. Do you know what it is I think it just changes the way people view you. Before if you got stroppy and mardy everyone was like 'okay well something's wrong' a lot of the time now if you get angry everyone's like 'ooooooh you're a diva, who do you think you are'. So you've just got to be more like calm in the way you put things across when you get annoyed now that's the only thing.
It must be so tense to go from just singing in auditions to having screaming girls everywhere?
Yeah it is weird, what's weird as well is that we did a school tour and some schools just because they were cute schools went crazy but a lot of them just stared at us like sleepy silent. And so many clubs were they had to clear the dance floor and they we're like 'who the hell are you?'  But now you get messages off people saying 'oh I saw you at my school' or 'you came to this club' and you think well you should have bloody cheered then.  But now they've seen you before you got big and they've seen you when you were struggling and they know you've worked for it a little bit you didn't just sort of crop up and get everything on a plate.
So how have you coped with all the girls screaming everywhere you go?
I don't really know. You say how do you cope with this but I don't know how you not cope.  I don't imagine that someone would like roll up into a ball and be like 'it's too much fun', we just laugh about it. The first few times, the way it works is if something goes wrong then they up the ante so when we first started getting big crowds none really noticed and we'd fight our way through hundreds of people and it was manic. And then they got security and then they got more than that and now we have a team around us. Literally the first few times we'd see the crowd out there and it was like we used to have 20 people and then 50 people and now it's a hundred so we'd just go out and it'll all be calm and we'll sign stuff ask them about their mum and it'll b fine. But literally you go out and one of them cries and then ten others scream and then they all cram around you. And there we're a few times when I thought I don't know if I'm literally going to escape now I don't know if I'll leave this alive or with all my clothes on. But it was fun.
So are you aiming for going out with say Hayley from Paramore rather than a fan?
Ha good shout I really do like her as well! Well I think you just meet someone and whatever you like you like and whatever they do even if their famous or not but I don't really have a preference. But I see why people go for famous people because it kind of eliminates the whole are you going to sell a story. But there's something nice about talking to someone who's just in an office and can have a laugh about a stapler as opposed to 'oh yeah and then 20,000 people came and I was like ohh yeahhh'. Someone who talks about stuff you remember from back in the day.
So we're featuring your band in our top moments of 2010 and our Ones to Watch for next year and All Time Low is going to be one of our top singles of 2010. So do you think you'll be able to replicate that success over the next year and still be in our charts next year?
Well I'm hoping yes and we're going to keep on putting the hard work in but I think this time round it won't be easier but because we've got a little bit of status now, like some people know who we are, the crowds won't be so hard to win over like we'll have that hardcore group of fans who are going to sort us out. We're getting better all the time we're going to go to the studio soon and start writing stuff for the next album and then later do 2 weeks in like a mystery house and we're going to get co-writers in just to try and spice it up a little bit. So I just think the quality's just going to get better and better and hopefully that means that people are going to keep on coming back for more.
And you've got your headline tour next year...
Yeah that is literally I can't tell you how excited we are for that it's going to be amazing.
Who have you got supporting, do you know yet?
We don't know yet but we've had a few people that have been kicking around we really like all of them there's, you know Ed Drewett, he kind of really wants to do it and we all really want him to do it as well. So it's down to his management and our management now. There are a few other up and coming McFly type bands that we really like. So everyone we've heard about we like so far.
Three quick questions...
What's your favourite single of 2010?
My favourite single this year would be Labrinth, Let The Sun Shine.
Worst single of 2010?
Can I confer with the lads...Katie Price, Free to Love.
And finally...what two pop stars would you like to see falling in love next year?
I would like Cheryl Cole and Will.I.Am, I think they could be like the new Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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