Friday, 31 December 2010

WIN- Nathan Postcard. ♥

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The Wanted 'Iris' cover and 2011 ♥

The Wanted capped off a fine year with a smooth biz session, but the insist they still dont have a pot to pee in. Max, jay, nathan, tom and siva Have become one of the most popular acts this year.... What's more, they can actually hold a tune. But despite hitting No1 with debut single All Time Low and scoring a No4 album, the boys are still waiting for the dough to roll in.

Brothers in arms ... The Wanted are still a tight-knit camp
Brothers in arms ... The Wanted are still a tight-knit camp
After performing a three-song set - which included a cover of GOO GOO DOLLS' Iris and new single Lose My Mind - Max said: "We've had such a busy and incredible year but I'm still skint."
That accounts for their home-made Christmas card to Bizarre then.

He continued: "Give it a few more months.
"We've got a brand new single out in April, so maybe then."

The boys should be confident - with a jam-packed schedule ahead of them 2011 looks set to be even busier.
On top of a UK tour, the band are heading to the States and South East Asia in February, have plans for a second album and have been approached about starring in their own fly-on-the-wall TV show.
Siva said: "2011 is going to be even more manic. We're prepared for that."Tom added: "Going to America will be amazing.

"The UK is brilliant but it will be nice to get a different vibe."
It's just as well the lads are the best of friends too, They've lived in each other's pockets for the best part of 12 months, but Max has still invited the lads to spend New Year with him and his family.
Max said: "My family have hired a big barn in the middle of nowhere in Shropshire. it's going to be one big party for three nights."
If I were the boys I'd be catching up on my zzz's.
In the coming months, The Wanted will face extra competition in the form of SIMON COWELL'S new signing ONE DIRECTION

Nathan said: "It's going to be a great year for boybands. One Direction are great, we got on well with them when we met them on X Factor. I'm actually BBM buddies with NIALL."
Asked if they will be more successful than them, Tom confidently replied: "They will be big but not bigger than us. "We appeal to all ages because Nathan is young while Max is 22. They will definitely appeal to the younger audience."
Jay added: "It will be nice not being the new kids any more. It's nice to offer them advice if we can."

Thursday, 30 December 2010

WIN- Nathan Postcard. ♥

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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2010- The Final Wanted Wednesday. ♥

And here is 2010's final #wantedwednesday video!
To celebrate '#wantedwednesday' here are the top 5 #wantedwednesday videos....voted for by you!
1-The Wanted prepare for their first video.
2-The Wanted on The Wanted: Tom on Max.
3- Sykes Sunday:
4-Star Spotting
5- Photobooth Frenzy

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Five Days of Christmas:Day Five - Siva ♥

Finally, its Kaneswaran:

What’s been your best moment this year?
The Childline gig that we just did – it was at home in Ireland. It was the first time we'd played in front of an Irish audience and it just felt so good to be home. My family went mental. 

What are you most looking forward to about next year?
Definitely the tour. We’ve all got surprises for each other on the tour. We'll be doing lots of pranks. Will you be implementing JLS's policy of no sleeping? 
Siva: Nathan’d be doomed if we did that because he sleeps all the time. 

What's the best thing a fan has done for you?
I got given an Irish jersey on stage. I went to the airport before I got home and was looking for the Irish jersey and I couldn’t find one anywhere but when I went up on stage and said hello to the Irish fans two of them (Lauren and another Lauren) threw me a jersey with Siva on the back and TW5 so I wore it at the end. 

Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe?
My girlfriend. 
The rest of The Wanted: Oh come on don’t be so boring
Siva: Ok, Jay’s mum Maureen because she likes me. 

What's on your Christmas list?
I don’t really want anything. I’m really happy. All I need is family that’s all that matters.

Would you do a naked photo shoot?
Yes and put Jay in the front. 

Boxers, briefs or none?
Boxers please. 

Name something we don’t know about you?
I’ve got a beauty spot on my bottom lip. I’ve got a hairline fracture in my right knee cap from when I was a kid and fell over on tiles. And I was hit in the face by an elephant’s trunk. My brother used to work at a zoo and feed all the animals and he wacked me because I fed him a potato. 

Monday, 27 December 2010

Five Days of Christmas:Day Four - Max ♥

Interview with max:

What's been the best moment of year?
Doing the MEN arena just because it’s my home town. 

What are you most looking forward to about 2011?
That would have to be our tour. Because that’s the one thing that we’ve all wanted to do since the start and I think it’s something that everyone looks forward to doing. We’re doing our home towns and it’s just us and they’re there to see us. Normally we’re jumping on the bandwagon of a gig that’s for loads of people so it’ll be nice just to have our own fans. And we get to sing songs off our album that we’ve never sung before. We’ve got some good ideas.

What's the best thing a fan has done for you?
Someone on my birthday bought me a City shirt with Max 22 on the back.

Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe?
Siva’s mum.

What's on your Xmas list?
This year just being at home is first and foremost. We’ve got 10 days off. Whatever presents I get are just an added bonus. I just make sure I get down to the White Horse on Christmas day. I tell you what, my Christmas wish is that my granddad is at the pub because he’s had a bit of a rough year. If he’s there that will make it. 

Would you do a naked photo shoot?
Don’t see why not if it was for the right cause, yeah. If there was the right reason for it then definitely because it’s good fun. We could just show our bodies without working out and say TW are just normal, average lads.

Boxers, briefs or none?
I won’t pull these down (goes to adjust his trousers) because none (laughs). Nah boxers. When you have Y-fronts on everything touches. I never even wore them as a kid swimming, I always wore shorts. 

Name one thing we don’t know about you?
I was almost blind in my right eye when I was four because I’ve got a disease in my eye. My eyesight in my right eye is shot to sh**t. 
For tom, jay, and nathans interviews...scroll down the blog,
come back tomorrow for the final interview: Siva!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Bliss interview With The Wanted ♥

P.s Nathan, if you don't want max to be a stripper at your birthday, ill happily have him!

The Wanted On Alan Carr ♥

The wanted are on Alan Carr's chatty man NOW- Channel 4.
'The awkward silence when Alan carr offers all on the wanted an alcoholic drink....Then gets to Nathan..Milkshake?'

The Wanted ♥

So, its nearly the end of Christmas & Boxing day.......:(
But I thought I would give you one last present, some gorgeous pictures of the boys. ;)

Enjoyed those...Well, threes plenty more were they came from, next batch when the blog reaches over 100,000 views *exciting*

Siva's twin trouble.... ♥

AS if one Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted wasn't enough, there are actually TWO.

Because The Wanted star Siva Kaneswaran has a twin brother Kumar - who looks exactly the same as him.

And according to the hot music star, his bro is always fooling fans by pretending to be him.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: "Kumar is always pretending to be me. He goes around saying to fans he's me to fool them and they believe him every time.

"He does a bit of modelling and at a fashion show everyone was shouting my name at him and he was loving it. He gets people taking pictures of him in restaurants and everything.:

According to Siva, even The Wanted boys (who release their brand new single Lose My Mind today) get the two mixed up!

He added: "We're literally identical and when I showed the boys a picture of us all four of them got us mixed up."
Kumar & Siva / images courtesy Storm
So.....Can you tell who is who?
Comment below:

Five Days of Christmas:Day three - Jay♥

Interview with Jay:
What's been the best moment of the year?
My birthday because we were at Leeds and there were 88,000 people there and they sung Happy Birthday to me. 

What are you most looking forward to about 2011?
Our tour! We had a talk yesterday about what it’s going to be like and Max had a bit of a theme and they took it and made it huge. We can’t wait to get into training and everything. Can you give us a clue what to expect? 
Jay: Springing – something to do with springing. 
Nathan: we’re jumping around the set.

What's the best thing a fan has done for you?
A fan called Jodie bought me an Avatar frame with some actual cut-outs of the reel. I don’t know how much it cost her. It was amazing. 

Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe?
Max’s mum. Or Siva’s sister. She was in Girls Aloud when they were formed but then she was pregnant and got booted. She’s famous in Ireland and she’s pretty hot.

What's on your Xmas list?
A new tank for my lizard because she’s a little bit big now and I want to get her a bigger one.

Would you ever do a naked photo shoot?
Yes! We’ve done one and we’ll probably have to do more in the future and we won’t say no, we’ll just do it.

Boxers, briefs or none?
Boxers. In bed it depends on the temperature. Never Y-fronts though. 

Name one thing we don’t know about you?
The boys think I look like Susan Boyle. I’m veggie, left-handed and a twin. As a kid I wanted to be an explorer but I didn’t know how you do that. Plus in the UK everyone knows where everything is, there’s nothing to explore. Also – when I was doing the audition for the band I was doing loads of auditions and I did one for a circus - to do the weird clown-type characters. 

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Five Days of Christmas:Day two - Tom ♥

Its mas day and i am STILL giveng you the latest TW info...
Im good to you!
Heres a christmas interview with Parker:

What's been the best moment of the year?
Playing Wembley stadium in front of 70,000 people was pretty special.

What are you most looking forward to about 2011?
Hopefully going to America and seeing if we can crack it over there. We’ve been before and it was amazing. New York’s a special place. 

What's the best thing a fan has done for you?
Maybe it wasn’t the best thing - it might have been the worst - but we were on stage and one girl decided to chuck a piece of jewellery on stage which I proceeded to put on. Then every girl in the audience just started lobbing jewellery on stage. I was ducking rings right, left and centre and I was like ‘this is dangerous, health and safety’!

Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe?
Nathan’s mum. 
(Nathan: Actually she’d probably love it. 
Jay: Errrr. 
Nathan: I’m joking).

What’s on your Xmas list?
A Tamagotchi. 
( But you’ve got to nurse them!
 Tom: Oh I’m good at nursing.) 

Would you ever do a naked photo shoot?
Yep I’d love to (smiles). Love it. 

Boxers, briefs or none?
A mixture of all three. For some reason…I’m sure they were Mark’s our tour manager’s...but I pulled my drawer open the other day and I found a pair of Y-fronts. So I put them on and they looked weird so I took them back off again. 

Name one thing we don’t already know about you?
I’ve got really weird skin. If I scratch my skin then within two minutes it will come up with a raised mark. I’m a delicate guy.
 If I ever become an actor I don’t need fake skin.