Name: Maximillian Alberto George
Age: 22
Date Of Birth:06/09/1988
Hometown: Manchester
Star Sign: Virgo
Favourite Food:Dominos, full english, steak (as rare as it can be!)
Height: 5'8" 

Eye Colour: Grey

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Favourite Band:Queen 

Football Team: Man City 

Favourite Animal:Great White Shark

Favourite TV Show as a kid:The Turtles 
Recent TV Show: X Factor  
Favourite Trainers: Nike

I like it when... I’m at the local pub with my family and mates
I love it when... City beat United
If I could rule... the world for a day it would be free beer for everyone
If it was the end... of the week I'd be leathered!!
If my name was... Englebert people would laugh
If I was a girl... I'd date everyone in my band... and Robert
If I could have... a spare 2grand I'd buy my nan and grandad a new lawn for the garden
I hate it when... I come into contact with dry sponge

Relationship status:
DATING Michelle Keegan

Max Gallery: