Sunday, 29 May 2011

Friday, 27 May 2011

Tom Hits Pixie Lott's Lipsy launch...with Girlfriend!

After hitting Pixie Lott's new collection launch at Lipsy with a mystery girl....
Tom announced on twitter that he DOES have a girlfriend....Old friend Kelsey Hardwick!

Yesterday Tom Tweeted "I know alot of you have seen the pics. It is true. Its all very new, but she's just a normal, amazing girl. Doesnt change anything. I still love you all :) x"

"dont worry..i wont be changing with anyone..especially not for her ;) lol x"

"She's the most honest, real girl I've ever met x"- AWW

So, Parkers happy...and I hope all you fans will be happy for him too!
Heres some pictures of tom with his new girlfriend:


The Wanted to Perform in Essex!

FINALLY The wanted will be entering the land of TOWIE....
They have finally seen all the begging from fans in Essex...and are playing at Lake Meadows, Billericay, on the 6th august this summer along with Alexandre Burke!
To book tickets click HERE

I'M GOING....will I be seeing any of you there, Comments below!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Max & Nath on Radio 1!

VERY early this morning Max & Nathan were on The Chris Moyles show on BBC1 to promote the first play of Glad You Came. It involved Chris Moyle's taking the piss out of TW alot....Its rather amusing.
So if you missed it...listen here...

Listen to The Wanted's brand new single Glad You Came (and try not to giggle.

I'm trying to keep a straight face as I announce the FIRST LISTEN of The Wanted's brand new single Glad You Came *insert rude joke here*. 
The Wanted have had some serious stick on Twitter because of the name of their brand new single Glad You Came.

Tom, Siva, Jay, Nathan and Max make a cheeky reference to the song title, saying: "we know there's been some filthy jokes about it. But we're glad you came". 

With it's clubby beat, I reckon it's going to be the perfect summer party track. And to go with the dance-track vibe, the TW boys filmed the video in Ibiza. 

Tom said: "We all felt it was a new, refreshing sound and a perfect song for the sumer which really gets you in the mood for a party."

I only wish the #TWfanmily could be partying with them. 

The new single Glad You Came is out July 10.
Here's a FAN MADE cover for the song, until the official one is released!

Comments below!

Monday, 23 May 2011


Today The Wanted announced they will release the second single from their upcoming  album on  July 10th. 
The song is called Glad You Came!
Here it on radio 1 at 7.30 tomorrow!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

TW at Newvury Races!

Pop sensation The WANTED rocked racegoers at Newbury Races tonight following six adrenalin charged Flat races at the Berkshire track’s fist Party in the Paddock event of the summer season. Performing their hit singles, All Time Low, Gold Forever and Lose My Mind as well as covers of the Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling and Iris by the Googoo Dolls the band performed to 11,000 euphoric visitors. 

The band members also received more than they bargained for whilst judging the best turned out horse for the fifth race, when leading lady Jockey Hayley Turner demonstrated her effective use of the whip on band member Tom! Just before being legged up on Gunslinger, Turner a closet fan until tonight, made a special request for a photo with the boy band in the paddock, who were performing at Newbury Racecourse’s first Party in the Paddock event of the summer. 

Following the gig, Jay McGuiness “Band member Jay, who’s sister celebrated her fourteenth birthday at the races tonight, said, “Our fans were unbelievable as ever (they sung better than us) at Newbury Racecourse tonight and we loved judging the best turned out horse, we picked the most bodacious horse there, but our lack of horse knowledge was pretty obvious...and watching a race from the Royal Box was awesome!!"


If you missed the lads on KOKO Pop last month whilst on tour, you can watch it here!
*SKIP TO 5.03*

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Wanted's new single hits radio's this Tuesday!

In a recent interview with First News, Nathan from The Wanted revealed details about the band’s new singleWhen they asked what the band had in store for the rest of the summer, Nathan said: “Well actually, we’ve got a new single coming out. It’s hitting radio on Tuesday 24 May. It’s happening very quickly. It’s a summer anthem and a lot of the fans think it’s called ‘Lightning’ because we did it on tour. But yeah, our fans are in for a bit of a surprise next week. It’s not about weather, let’s just put it that way. It’s a massive summer anthem, it’s quite clubby and it’s really feel-good. Hopefully, everyone’s going to love it!”
WOOOO! So it probably won't be lightning...but I'm 100% sure it will still be amazing, stay tuned!

Max to move in with Michelle?

MICHELLE Keegan is broken hearted as Corrie's scorned Tina - but says in real life she is all loved-up. The actress, 23, has even invited boyfriend Max star of boyband The Wanted - to move in with her.

She tells tomorrow's buzz mag: "I told him he can have his own drawer. It's hasn't happened yet as I need a clear-out."

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wise words from Jay-

Jay just posted this on Tumblr.....
*Guaranteed to make you smile & cry.....*
Hi! Could everyone please read this to the very end? It’s long but hopefully it’ll mean something to some people.

So my little brother was playing a cricket match against a lad from my year in secondary school. As some of you know I was a tap dancer at that age, nothing special, just loved it- sometimes still miss it. 

Anyway, this 21 year old guy told my little brother he used to bully me.

I couldn’t remember him so my brother emailed me a picture of him, and he was holding a beautiful baby girl (Possibly his daughter). My first thought “this guy has a KID?”.

Now I don’t want to dramatise this at all but I danced when it was NOT okay for a lad to dance so I kept it quiet, didn’t dance at school and mostly stayed under the radar, so the worst I ever got was “Billy Elliot” shouted at me and a couple of kid-fights, some people get FAR worse.

But I thought, when that little girl grows up, if she ever comes home crying because she’s being bullied, what will he say to her? I’m sure he’d say all the right things, put plasters over her cuts, make sure she goes to bed giggling and then bollock some stressed, over-worked teacher who has their own life to sort out.
And I bet he won’t even stop to think twice. I bet he won’t understand how any low-life kid would want to make that beautiful girl feel so bad about herself. 

Aside from that, this fella who is currently 21 told my little brother he used to bully me like he’s proud of it. Now my brother’s a phenomenal cricketer, so maybe he was feeling a little insecure and wanted to put his famous brother down. (Yeah, it is a bit cringe to write that) I’m tempted to name and shame him but I think it’s well unfair because people can change, but he still hasn’t (Plus I doubt he’d be able to read this far).

I wasn’t a perfect kid, and now I’m ashamed of some of the things I did and said to some people. And if I saw them today I’d apologise and I’d be EMBARRASSED not proud. 

To anyone getting bullied, success is (TOTALLY) the best form of revenge. You’ll stop caring what they thought of you, and just find it sad when you find out they’re still trying to do it to your kid brother 7 years later and you’ve topped the charts, travelled the world, and sold out a tour. (KERRRRCHING!!)
Or whatever your equivalent is, getting a job and doing well is just as worthy. Find friends that make you laugh and get as smart as you can while school is free.

If you’re reading this and feeling uncomfortable try growing up quicker than I or this dude ever did and give whoever needs it a (permanent) break.

As I said my brother is a great cricketer but unfortunately the first ball he bowled dropped short and smashed this 21 year old’s ribs, he got a nasty bruise and a small cut. His second attempt my brother bowled him out, and told him he would pass on his apologies to me. 

Success IS the best form of revenge.

And “Billy Elliot” is a great film. 

Jay x
Thats pretty gorgeous right, and I'm talking about the words *as well as the picture*.
This put tears in my eyes, because its so many people get bullied or have been. *hand up*.
So listen to this, and good luck if you have exams at the moment, make a success of yourself just like jay! :)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

TW On 'So you think you can dance'!

On Saturday night the wanted sang a medley of their songs on SYTYCD on BBC1, If you missed it, don't panic......yes you did miss the best 3 minutes and 58 seconds of saturday....BUT.....
.....I have saved your life. Here is the performance:

Monday, 9 May 2011

New TW Fanmail address!

The Wanted have got a new fanmail address, here it is:

The Wanted
Maximum Artist Management
The Price Building
110 York Road
SW11 3RD

But don't panic, If you have already sent your fanmail to the old address, they will still receive it!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

REMINDER: The wanted to perform on SYTYCD at 8.55- Performing Heart Vacancy!

1 Year since The Wanted filmed All Time Low!

Can you believe it has been a YEAR since The Wanted filmed All time low!
I don't think any of us could of guessed what was going to happen to them....
Debut single getting number 1, 3 more top singles a top 5 album, a book, and a UK headlining tour!
it all turned out amazingly didn't it?
I am, and I hope you are all really proud of them!
Lets take a look at the Making of all Time Low....
Wow, The boys look so different, This is my favourite flip ever!

The Wanted perform on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ tonight!

The Wanted will be performing on the BBC1 show tonight at 7pm.
Make sure you tune in!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tom & Max on Celebrity Juice TONIGHT!

2/5s of The Wanted are panelists on Celebrity Juice tonight. 
So if you want to see Max and Tom hanging around with Keith Lemon, Fearne, Holly and Rufus you’ll need to tune into itv2 at 10pm. 
Tom Parker Tom Parker and Max George from hot new band 'The Wanted', who are currently topping  the UK Charts with 'All Time Low', celebrate Tom Parker's 22nd birthday at the Aura Club before moving on to the Cirque Du Soir Club to continue the celebrations. Max and birthday boy Tom remained until the club emptied out in the early hours.
Comments below!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tom & Max's Headboards give each other High fives. *Little fans close your eyes*

THE WANTED have lifted the lid on their steamy sex marathons - and how they drive each other around the bend.
Singleton TOM PARKER revealed that bandmate MAX GEORGE's hot romping with girlfriend MICHELLE KEEGAN is the subject of some ribbing.
Tom said: "We live together and Max's bed backs on to mine - they are thin walls. I hear them getting it on."
Max chipped in: "Things are going really well with me and Michelle. We are really strong, like two Sumo wrestlers.
"Tom and I have rooms next to each other - our headboards give each other high fives.
"But it's usually the other way round and I have to tell Tom to calm it down."
Tom even told me all about a one-night stand that went wrong.
He said: "I was in bed with a girl when my phone rang. It was the ex-girlfriend."
Then JAY McGUINESS piped up, adding: "Tom will bring back girls to the house and play potential singles or demos we're going to do. He has literally met the girl that night, why does she need to hear a half-finished track?"
Sounds like the charmer has got his pulling technique down to a tee.
The five are confirmed girl magnets but I fear they will have no luck with one lady they plan to feature in a song.
Jay said: "We're going to write a song about the royal wedding. She's posh totty." Steady, lads

Nathan on The Wanted's celebrity fans!

AFTER years of performing to his friends and family, Nathan Sykes is now singing to some of the world's biggest stars.
Since joining The Wanted, the Abbeydale teen has made a number of celebrity fans... but some have come as quite a surprise.
The 18-year-old, who will perform at Gloucester Rugby's ground with The Wanted later this month, said: "Someone I didn't really expect to meet was Bill Nighy. He is an absolute legend.
"We were at this charity event and they asked us to do Christmas songs so we did White Christmas acapella. We were halfway through when I looked over and saw him and I froze.

"I told the other boys and we got really star struck, halfway through singing acapella which was not so good. He said he was a bit of a fan which was great.
"Rihanna is lovely – but she is massive though, really tall. I felt tiny compared to her but she is a right laugh. We met her on the X Factor."
Nathan also said one of his favourite memories was performing in front of thousands of screaming girls.
He said: "Another moment we are chuffed to bits about is when we gatecrashed Justin Bieber's gig and we went on stage before him.
"We got a call from his manager and he said would we do a few tracks and we did.
"We were chuffed to bits and it was a really great gig.
"Bieber is really nice, not like the cheesy kid everyone thinks he is. I can call him a kid because I am 18 now and he is 17! But I am still a kid at heart."
Nathan, a former Longlevens Junior School pupil, said there is lots in store for the band.
He said: "We have been confirmed to do V Festival which I am chuffed to bits about and I am pretty sure we will do a tour following the next album. So dates will probably be announced in October or November.
"We are just concentrating on the next album and writing some great tracks. Throughout the year we are doing lots of live shows."
Nathan and bandmates Max George, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaran will perform at Kingsholm on May 29.
Boyband Twenty Twenty and soul singer Dionne Bromfield, who is Amy Winehouse's goddaughter, have been confirmed as support acts for the gig.
Nathan added: "We hope people come out. We will be the first band to do a concert at Kingsholm so it is a bit of an event in Gloucester.
"Even if you are not really into us we have lots of bands playing that day, not just us.
"We have some great support bands and so it should be a really chilled out day and then a bit mental when we go on stage.
"We just want to get lots of people down there."

Its #wantedwednesday!

Here is this weeks #wantedwednesday video- 

Tour bits that were Made but not seen!

....And Here is this weeks mailer, as written by Jay:


This week we've been writing and recording some material for the next The Wanted album! So it's been back in the studio for us and we've all tried to get loads of creative juice swilling about. It's hard to describe creative juice, either in appearance, texture, smell or taste, and it's hard to know where it even emits from. All we can say for sure is sometimes it takes a while for the creative juices to flow, and sometimes you walk into a room and it's already oozing out of you like a melody/word centred doughnut that someone's took a huge bite of. Sometimes when you start you feel as creatively juice-less as a Weetabix with no milk dipped in flour, but you often find if everyone else is juicing about in the room you very quickly get in the spirit of things, and you leave with a sweaty sheen of metaphors and melodies still dribbling out of every creative pore in your body. It's all very exciting. As we are all in the mood, I'm going to crack open a jar of creative juice and make the rest of the mailer another rhyming one, helps with the lyric writing and all that! 

Juices now are steady flowing, through the boys TW,
although how there is no knowing, we will try explaining to-
you our TWinspiration, and from where this juice emits,
Nathan first our bright young starlet, we'll decipher bit-by-bit,
everything inside his cranium, we present with faces lit! 

Thomas Parker next in line, to show the thoughts inside his brain,
also maybe things are darker, in the head of Parker-reign, 
king of beats and eery tunes this mister bring a rocky edge,
even while he views cartoons, spooky thoughts traverse his head,
sometimes though a fragile beauty, in malefic hand is lead... 

It now falls upon Mr George, to show the things that make him tick,
the subject on which his thoughts gorge, are shown below, and brick by brick
undisturbed mind-walls will crumble, revealing what's contained within,
perhaps it seems a mighty jumble, perhaps you'll view it with a grin... 

Time now for myself to show, best I can, in picture form,
how I think and what I know, in my OWN cerebral storm,
even I am apprehensive, to reveal my psyche's swarm... 

Siva's turn has come at last, and we must warn you from the start,
pre-judge him at your own cost, his tiny brain has massive heart,
his words (though few) are most emotive, sung or spoken still they sail
in puppetry of human heart strings, and he tugs them without fail,
now to gaze upon his vision (not available in braille) 

Cheers for reading start to finish, confusing though we know it could have been, 
that was our attempt to show you, the juice that oils our TWmachine. 

Everyone who likes the mailer, could you tell someone you know?
really is a massive favour, but we want this juice to flow! 

Love always, the boys, 
Siva, Tom, Nathan, Jay & Max x 

Tom's getting a tattoo!

Yesterday Tom Tweeted that this thursjay he is going to be getting a new tattoo. Here's a picture of  what it will look like:
What do you think?! It's caused a lot of controversy between fans on on twitter, but I think its pretty hot really, isn't it!?