Name: Siva Kaneswaran
Age: 21
Date Of Birth:16/11/1988
Hometown: Ireland
Star Sign: Scorpio
Favourite Food:Shepherd's pie, Brownies, stew

Height: 6ft 1

Eye Colour:Brown (tall dark and handsome)

Hair Colour:Black with a few ginger hairs

Favourite Band:Switchfoot

Football Team: Manchester City or Bolton

Favourite Animal:Dog
Favourite TV Show as a kid:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Recent TV Show: Family Guy
Favourite Trainers: Y3 Yoji Yamamoto for Adidas
I like it when... chocolate melts with butter
I love it when... I am in front of my ma’s fire
If I could rule... the world I would clear every country’s debt
If it was the end... of a movie in a cinema I would wait for the credits to finish
If my name was... Kumar I would be confused (His twin is called Kumar)
If I was a girl... I would be one hot girl!
If I could have... one wish it would be to travel into space
I hate it when... ….. I miss some hair when shaving my face (and ass)

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