Monday, 28 February 2011

Does Jay Need To shave? ♥

Theres been a few photos of Jay lingering around twitter.....
....Lots of stubble eh?
Well, I quite like it, he looks sexy, but what do you think, Stubble or no stubble?
Lets have a vote shall we, just turn your head to the right, there is a Poll entitled 'Jays Stubble?'
Get voting!

PRE-ORDER Gold Forever. ♥

The official 2011 Comic Relief single by The Wanted is available to pre-order now, click HERE to order Gold Forever!
Remember it is for charity!

Friday, 25 February 2011

The Wanted to perform at Gloucester's Kingsholm Stadium ♥

The Wanted are to perform live in what will be the first ever concert at the home of Gloucester Rugby.
The chart-topping boy band, which includes Nathan Sykes from Abbeydale, has recorded the official song for this year's Comic Relief.
Gloucester Rugby's Pete Grzonka said musical concerts were something they had looked at for a number of years since the stadium was re-developed.
Around 10,000 tickets are now on sale for the Kingsholm concert on 29 May.
"It's something we've always had at the back of our minds but we've got the right act hopefully," said Mr Grzonka.
"They're very much at the front of our minds - on TV and radio - and so we hope they're a good act to dip our toes in."
The concert will take place at Kingsholm Stadium on Sunday, 29 May.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Wanted RED FM Interview. ♥

Here is an interview the wanted did with Red FM in Malaysia:
I like Max's trousers in this video....and Nathans feet, THEY ARE HUGE.

Sykes..... ♥



Nath’s got swag


reblogging my own picture, because i can.

The Wanted are putting down the booze! ♥

THE WANTED star JAY McGUINESS says the lads have cut down on their manic boozing as they get to grips with life in the limelight.

The group – who were nominated for Best Single at last week’s Brit Awards – have enjoyed a whirlwind nine months, shooting to No1 in the summer with All Time Low and scoring a No4 debut album in October.
They are currently preparing for their first ever UK tour and Jay is keen to be bang on form.
He said: “When we got up on stage six months ago we used to be like rabbits in headlights.
“Now we know what we are doing a bit more and are enjoying it.”
The curly-haired singer added: “Back then we thought we might be one hit wonders and wanted to enjoy it while it lasted”
“We don’t get as drunk as we used to as it can actually make a difference on how we do.”
The tour – which kicks off in Machester on March 28 – will also see the lads sport a more grown-up image.
Jay said: “I don’t want to give too much away but there is a big section where we will be smart and in dinner suits.”
“I hope the fans like it.”
Jay – who has just finished a promotional tour of South-East Asia with the rest of his bandmates NATHAN SYKESSIVA KANESWARANTOM PARKER and MAX GEORGE – added the lads are also taking a more sensible approach to pulling women.
He said: “You do get a load of really fit girls come up to you. But we’ve found out how to do it now.
“Before it was grab all you can get. Now we’re choice-picking girls that aren’t insane and going to give you drama for two weeks.”
But he added: “Tom’s still all-you-can-eat buffet. He’s taking advantage.”
“Max is still loved-up.”
“When we’re chilling on our bus he says he’s off to play on computer games when really he’s on Skype to Michelle.''

The Wanted In Singapore ♥

Check out these videos of The Wanted at a fans house in Singapore!
Part 1: ’Singapore fans give the best hugs’
Part 2: ’Shiok’
Part 3: ’Number 1 Singapore The Wanted fan’
Part 4: ’Gifts for The Wanted’
Part 5: ’What The Wanted want’
Part 6: ’The Wanted in fans pool!’
Part 7: Lose My Mind Acoustic
Part 8: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls Cover
Hope you enjoyed!

The Wanted swapped their heads for a Red Nose.. ♥

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mailer Pictures! ♥

Im not going to put the whole mailer on here, if you want it, you have to sign up!
But heres some pictures from this weeks #wantedwednesday mailer!

TWENTY TWENTY to support the wanted on tour!. ♥

Twenty Twenty will be supporting The Wanted on tour!
The will be travelling the country with the wanted on their headlining tour, TT have recently supported The Saturdays on their tour!
You can find out more about twenty twenty Here:
Oh, and they are fit too ;)
....also, Did i mention they are from the same town as me?!

The Wanted In Singapore. ♥

Heres some more pictures of the wanted swimming with some fans!
@NathanTheWanted THE ONLY PERSON LEFT IN THE POOL! haha! :P x
@NathanTheWanted QUESTION! do u rmb taking this picture? I DON'T RMB IT AT ALL D:
@NathanTheWanted WE MISS THIS :) haha and when u got pushed in by @SivaTheWanted
Thanks to the fan that took these pictures!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Nathan Gets Pranked!. ♥

Listen for serious lols:

TW German Photoshoot. ♥

Nathan [from a Germany press shot]
As gorgeous as they all look, this was just before the brits, and you have to admit, THEY LOOK SO TIRED, bless them!

Monday, 21 February 2011

The Wanted take part in a sack race for Comic Relief. ♥

The Wanted (Pic: Comic Relief)
Following the announcement that The Wanted have recorded this years official Red Nose Day single, Gold Forever, the lads are encouraging the public to get sponsored to take part in special coffee sack races across the UK.

The game is designed to raise pulses, bags of money and a lots of laughs!  

Sack kits available to order online at cafedirect, they are packed with ideas, tips and coffee sacks!

The Wanted in Malaysia.. ♥

Heres a Vlog from a guy who went Laser Tag with the Wanted!
Comments below!

Heart Vacancy Acoustic ♥

In Germany!

Gold Forever Artwork!. ♥

Here is the official artwork for The Wanted's next single Gold Forever, It is the official comic relief single and will be release on the 13th march!
You can buy it Here!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

TW- Who is the most popular?. ♥

Well, according to most polls, Nathan usually come out on top for the most popular member of the wanted, But when It comes down to twitter, things are a little different....
Max comes out on top when it comes to followers with 98,803 (not far of 100,000!). He's even ahead of The Wanted's group account, and has over 30,000 more followers than Jay and Siva...

Obviously, Fly boy was going to be near the top, he comes in second with 89, 360 followers, he along with max, is even more popular than the wanteds group account, but he is still trailing 10,000 under max!
The wanted's group account comes in third, with 87, 915 followers! 
Parker comes in forth place *TOM TANTRUM* with 74,216 followers, 24,587 followers less than max...But still ahead of Jay and Kanes! 

McGuiness comes in fifth place with 68, 099 followers, he has over 30,000 less followers than max, although Im not sure why, because, I personaly, would say Jay has the best tweets, they are all witty and strange ''After his shower @ said he made a rainbow (nosebleed & greeny/yellow piss) I said "eurgh" & he goes- "Don't judge me!"...O...K.''- Thats the sort of shit Jay comes out with!
And last, is Siva, gorgeous siva has only 67, 012 followers, which is still a lot....but not compared to max! I LOVE YOU SIVA.

So, it seams like Max is very popular on twitter....Lets wait and see what its like this time next year!
Comments below!

The Wanted have fun in Malaysia ♥

Here are some sneak peak photos from Laser Tag with The Wanted!


Tom looking A.R.D.

Now they are in Malaysia!. ♥

These boys do not stop moving, they are currently in Malaysia, heres some pictures and Videos!

Also, If you have met the boys in singapore or Malaysia, comment below!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Boys in Singapore ♥

The boys singing on a bus at is Singapore!

Singapore. ♥

The wanted are currently in Singapore, Heres a picture from Singapore...
Anyone else well jelous of these girls!?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Wanted APP. ♥

So, there is a new (unofficial) TW app for iphone/ipod/ipad....and its really good, I have it!
It fetures, videos, news, photobooth and TW soundbooth!

The Wanted iPhone app includes: Twitter news feed, TW YouTube videos, TW Soundboard (pre-loaded with the boys’ key catchphrases- its awesome!), TW Photo Booth (where users can be kissed by their favourite band member), Wanted/Not Wanted feature (take a photo of something you want/don’t want, put a TW stamp on it and email it to a friend), iTunes link to purchase all the latest TW releases, tour dates feed and TW official newsletter sign up page. Basically what every TW fan needs to keep up-to-date with all the latest news, competitions, and live shows on the go!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


The are shown live at 8pm on ITV,
The wanted are nominated for best British single, and the award is being presented by the wonderful Alan Carr!
The wanted are sure to win, and they really deserve it!
And if they do, why dont we show them how much we love them, and take over all the twitter trends!
Tonight, we have to continuously tweet: #welovetw #congratstw #youdeserveitTW #ProudofTW #welldonenath #welldonetom #welldonesiva #welldonemax #welldonejay and #TWfanmily.

The Wanted thought they would be pub singers... ♥

A YEAR ago THE WANTED expected nothing more than a life on the road as pub singers. But fast-forward 12 months and the quintet are in poll position to win their first Brit.

JAY McGUINESS, MAX GEORGE, NATHAN SYKES,SIVA KANESWARAN and TOM PARKER rocketed to fame last summer when debut single All Time Low hit No1.
Jay said: "I never expected to be in this situation. I thought we might be a pub-crawl type boyband doing £200-a-week gigs."
Now they are nominated alongside big hitters such as TINIE TEMPAH and OLLY MURS for Best British Single.
The public decide the outcome and Judging my the TWFanmily, and our epic dedication, they will come out on top!
All Time Low has clocked up more than NINE MILLION views on YouTube.

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Wanted’s Germany Tour flip!. ♥

Here's a special flip from the Wanted's German tour....
Click on the image below to watch!

View The Wanted in panoramic 3D ♥

All the way from from Germany, have TW in your living room, well, kinda.... Planet Radio Gig. Hold your mouse and move around. CLICK HERE.

Comic Relief. ♥