Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Maxchelle! ♥

So, it is official, and it has been confirmed, 
and all you so called 'fans' hating on max calling her a 'slag'...why?
He looks Happy, don't moan at him, congratulate him!
Flirty: Michelle Keegan and Max George looked comfortable with each other on a night out in Manchester recently
The birth of 'Maxchelle': The singer's bandmates have already started teasing him over his growing closeness to Michelle
Getting to know you: The couple's new romance comes a month after Keegan ended a two year relationship
Dressed down: The couple were dressed casually for their laidback date


  1. Aww well tbh i think its really cute xx :) but lol at the last picci where it looks like max's ass is on fire :)

  2. Not to sure what to think... I do love Max most so, what do I think! Michelle you are sooo lucky!