Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Competition VOTE! ♥

So last week i started a competition to design a new layout for the blog!
I had 9 amazing entrys!
and they are all really good, so thanks so much to @gracecarrick_TW @sarahchambers @phuong_twx @lilamyhunter_TW @xlauren_tw @xemilygx @iluvnath_tom_tw @jemmjay!!! 
So i am going to have a pole up on the blog for 1 month and you get to decide the winner, so choose carefully! ;D Good luck everyone!

@gracecarrick_TW 1:
@gracecarrick_TW 2

Monday, 30 August 2010

The Wanted Trending Topics ♥

Heyy, so we all know the wanted are pretty popular on twitter!
And they get ALOT of trending topics!
....because we all love them!
Heres just a FEW of many TW TT's!
Ill add a new image each time TW trend!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

50 reasons why we love The Wanted ♥

Hello, so we all love the wanted, so i thought id write a little (actually its quite long) list of reasons why we love the wanted!!!
1-There Manager- Jayne Collins, what a legend!
2-The are all Talented.
3-The Record Amazing Songs.
4-They love there fans.
5-The love meeting all there fans.
6-They are all very Down To Earth.
7-Nathan's Fly Impression is Legendary, and the most adorable thing ever!
7-Jays awesome Geeky-ness and love for avatar!
8-Toms 'Ya ya ya ya ya!' Isnt he such a laugh?
9-Sivas Tallness and his adorable accent!
10-Max's muscles are hot!
11-Max's Little obsession with toms ears, BROMANCE!
13-They'd date fans! ;)
14-They kiss fans!
15-Jays curly hair!
16-Max met michael Jackson......wow.
17-Nathan is the worlds best charmer ;)
18-Toms scars....they are sexy.
19-They do loads of Competitions.
20-They tweet there fans all the time!
22-The Flips.
23-There Jokes 'A man goes in a bar. 'what are mangoes doing in a bar?'!
24-They all have lovely personalities
25-Nathan loots hot...even with a cardboard box on his head.
26-#TWfanfriday.....such good entertainent!
27-They return Follow fridays!
29-Vests......the only boys that can wear vests and not look gay.
30-There shoes, they have awesome shoes!
31-They all have very nice accents.
32-The fame hasnt gone to there heads!
33-The way sivas accent changes words...'Im stunned' Jay:'your stoned?!'
34-#TWfamily...the way all the fans get on soo well and all help each other.
35-The wanted WYR/WWYDI. Such fun entertainment! ;) @ThewantedWYR
36-Toms nipples! ;)
37-There ustreams are awesome.
38-They show there underwear on ustream!
39-They dont let the press bother them!
40-'theres no turning back........'
41-All time low.
42-Heart Vacancy.
43-the shock you get when you go on the wanted's website and ATL comes on, it make me laugh everytime!
44-They all have lovely hair!
45-The Bromance!
46-Boiled Chocolate bars & Spinach!
47-They actually sing live!
48-They can dance and sing at the same time! ;)
49-They travel the country.....but they seem to avoid essex! :(

The Wanted Competitions ♥

So The wanted have two amazing competitions running at the moment and here they are along with the details and how to enter:
Good Luck!

B-Side Cover Song comp: Fancy the chance of having your chosen song covered by the boys, dedicated to you, AND being included as the B-side to 'Heart Vacancy'? Go here to enter.
Single Sleeve comp: Wanna be part of Wanted history? Enter the competition here and be in with the chance of having your name included in the single sleeve of 'Heart Vacancy'

and again....good luck! 

Friday, 27 August 2010

The Wanted In Germany & The Dome Performance! ♥

So as you may know, the wanted are spending a few days in Germany, lucky germany!
..They better take care of them! :)
So, here's some pictures Jayne's posted of them so far in Germany, they look like they are enjoying themselves, dont they?

And here's a special video from the wanted in Germany, They do treat us with there videos don't they?
But this videos not only special because its from Germany....its special because it made me cry with laughter...you'll see why ;)....
(i will put the video on the blog, when the stupid thing decides to work!)

Also The wanted tonight performed at The Dome In Germany, and because i kinda wanted to get more of you involved in the blog, the lovely @MadHannieXD Has written a review of The performance for us:
So Tonight, the 27th August 2010, The Wanted wowed all their German fans in The Dome, Hanover. They danced their legs off, sang their hearts out and smiled the whole way through, They even had real-life, bright red, flares, lighting up the domes stage! just like the video of AllTimeLow! AMAZING! (They really can multi-task ;)!). We didn't even get to miss out as The Dome had a Live Video Feed of the show so all us English/Irish fans didn't miss out -->http://www.thedome.de/extra/livestream/ . They were preety AWESOME! They were soo nervous, it was adorable, I don't think i've ever seen Nathan sweat so much at an Interview ;) They sang their hit All Time Low and really gave it their all! They made us fans proud :) After they sang they had to run over to this (kinda creepy) german couple, who spoke German so fast I don't think Tom has ever been so confused in his life!  They asked them random questions & then for them to introduce themselves. Max went first, then Jay, Nathan, Siva it was all normal for them, but when it came to Toms turn the (annoying) German Presenter nearly knocked his teeth out, by pushing the microphone in his face! In my opinion, i think she had a little crush on him, Bless :P
When the laughter was over & poor tom got over the "pain", they were asked to introduce the next act onstage...Plan B! The fans applaused after each of the guys introduced themselves, but I think Max & Siva got the most screams & when they all said they were single (accept Siva), Max even got a bigger applause! But when they had to introduce Plan B they didn't just introduce them like any normal British Boy Band would do, oh no, they introduced Plan B on in German! Man I never thought I's find the German language to sound sexy, but when Nathan Sykes says it, you can't say its not hot! Even though he was so nervous he was shaking like a leaf & sweating so much! Poor Baby Nath! After they finished they're "amazing" german lines, Plan B didn't come out (something wrong, i dunno!) and the Presenter actually cursed! Onstage. Live. Infront of an Audience. Infront of The Wanted. Told ya she was creepy :L 
Overall I must say the show was awesome, they all looked stylish, sounded great & danced... like a boyband should dance? :P
They made us British/Irish fans proud, Go TheWanted, We love you XD
Lots of Love,
                 Hannah .x. (Twitter--> MadHannieXD)
Heres a Video of The Wanteds Performance at The Dome:
So.....I hope you have enjoyed this rather long and full post and i really hope The wanted Enjoyed Germany!!!

Love you all, and thanks so much to Hannah! :)
P.s If you would like to write something for the blog tweet me at @ThewantedWYR or email The.wanted@live.co.uk


TW Random Picture Post: Jay ♥

Good Old Jay, Looking really really hot.


The Wanted Orange Live Session ♥

Hello, So the wanted recently did a live performance for orange monkey and a few fans, they ran a competition for fans to come see the performance!
Well done to the fans that won!
Heres a clip of there performance and a few pictures: http://web.orange.co.uk/p/web_monkey/videos

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

#wantedwednesday Fans On Twitter ♥

So its #Wantedwednesday again, so everyone go and follow these great TW fans!

So if you would like a mention nextweek, watch out next #wantedwednesday on @ThewantedWYR to see what you have to doo!

Also, if you havnt seen todays #wantedwednesday video here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I76igb8Vzj4

Also, cool news. #wantedwednesday was trending today....worldwide!
how cool is that!?

Remember to get hold of me tweet @thewantedwyr or email the.wanted@live.co.uk

Poll Results & 50th post! ♥

Hello, so heres last weeks polls and there results, so it looks like you all want Behind bars to be released after heart vacancy (me too) and you all think nathan has the best body, aww!

If you have any ideas for new polls comment on this post with your ideas, thanks!

And woah...this is my 50th post on this blog....what do i ramble on about ehh?!
So remember, if you wanna get hold of me, email the.wanted@live.co.uk


A little competition for the blog ♥

I need help, the blogs looking a bit...plain, old.
So i need a new Picture to go at the top, So Can you help me?
Design one, all it needs is to say the wanted on it and have TW pictures or something on it!
So just design a picture and send it to me along with your Twitter name! :)
Or twitpic it and tweet it to @thewantedWYR
The best one with me made into the new layout for a couple of months, and ill give you credit and stuff!
You have got until next Monday and i will announce the winner next #wantedwednesday!
Goood luckk!

#wantedwednesday email ♥

Hello, everyweek on wednesday the wanted send a the #wantedwednesday mailerrrr, so if you havnt got it yet! Heres todays!

The Real Car Boot Sale in Glasgow!!!

Hey Guys, Siva here...

Well the morning began with our tour manager Martin rustling into our room. Due to a wardrobe mix up Martin's stuff got left in London so he had no fresh clothes. Much to mine and Jay's amusement he was in the same smelly clothes as the day before. Nice!

We got ready and went down to the hotel reception to meet with some kids from The Robin House children's hospice. The lads were well cool and loved their football which went down well with Max and Tom. The girls, Chelsea and Leona were so shy to talk to in the beginning but really opened up later. Really nice kids! A big thank you to The Robin House for having us!

Then off we went to the Real Radio Car Boot Sale in Glasgow!!! We had an amazing reception from our Scottish fans. At one point I glanced down and saw a red faced security woman holding the front fence and shouting at fans to "git back" LOL!!!

After the gig we gave away loads of more signed stuff from our house for the car boot sale.

Next we headed to the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow for the Tartan Gig 1OO .We sang in front of 2500 girl scouts aged between 10-14. It was one of those gigs when it soooo loud we couldn't even hear ourselves sing. The screams were deafening - as you can see by the photo.... many cool flashing bunny ears!!! It was such a great gig!

Every time we hit Scotland there's always a superb reception. We do have a wee confession to make though. When he hit Glasgow last time to do a signing for All Time Low we had the flip out and took loads of footage of our AMAZING Scottish fans. Then disaster struck. He had the flip cam at home and during one of Neytiri's (Jay's lizard) little exercise sessions she crawled over the flip and managed to delete ALL the videos. NOT GOOD!!! Neytiri (and Jay) say sorry

Thank you all again for getting us to number 1!!!!

Love Siva and all The Wanted lads

The Wanted Picture Of The Week ♥

I don't really need to write much about this to be fair, do i?
He's gorgeous even when he's sleeping!
@Jaythewanted i love you for taking this picture.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Heart Vacancy ♥

So we all know how amazing All Time Low did, Number 1!
And TW's next single is Heart Vacancy, the music video for it will be previewed in 15 days of channel 4!
Im well excited!
To listen to a live performance of Heart Vacancy By TW, Click Here:
Remember to get hold of me, email the.wanted@live.co.uk

General Update & Poll results ♥

Hello, How are you alll?
So One of this weeks pools was 'which member of the wanted has the best accent, 39 of you voted! and Tom won with 28% (11 votes!) But this poll was pretty close so i have come to the conclusion that the wanted all have awesome accents ;)!

The other poll i had running was WYR:
Run into a burning house to save (Fav member) and Kill yourself doing it-18 votes
Or have (fav member) die in your arms saying 'i love you'-13 votes

N'awww your a good bunch of fans!
Also make sure you are all following @thewantedWYR on twitter, thanks!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

#wantedwednesday ♥

well hasn't this been a hectic day!
@ThewantedWYR has got double the amount of followers in 2 days!
Nathan has been tweeting us alot, how cool is that!?
He said he loves out WYR page, and he has even been joining in! :P

And i just want to say, dont hate people, or be jealous because of people tweeting them, TW love all there fans the same, seriously!

So i hope you are all having a good #wantedwednesday, and i promise i will do a new good post tomoro when im more awake!


The Wanted Fans on Twitter ♥

So its #wantedwednesday so you have to go follow these awesome TW fans, thanks!

So sorry if i left you out, there was so many off you!