Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lose My Mind, #Wantedwednesday, San Francisco, and some 'sex bombs' ♥

Hello, so its #wantedwednesday, hope you have had a good day, the boys really are treating us today, first up and amazing video, A SNEAK PEAK at 'Lose my mind!' and secondly, this weeks awesome #wantedwednesday video!
And heres some pictures of the gorgeous boys (minus siva!) in san francisco!!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Wanted in Singapore ♥

Hello, so the wanted have arrived in Singapore!
Lucky boys, LA last week, Singapore this week, and they are soon leaving Singapore for a 25hour flight to new york! (good luck boys, and jayne!)
Heres some pictures of the boys in Singapore!

Well, it looks like they are having fun ehh!?
Remember the wanteds album is out 25th of october!
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Monday, 27 September 2010

The Wanted Album Tracklist revealed & More! ♥

Hello, so the wanets album tracklist has been revealed, i dont know about you, but i am so excited!
I really want to hear golden, Nathan said its a brilliant track! eeek! So Here It Is: 
  1. All Time Low
  2. Heart Vacancy
  3. Lose My Mind
  4. Replace Your Heart
  5. Hi and Low
  6. Let’s Get Ugly
  7. Say In On The Radio
  8. Golden
  9. Weakness
  10. Personal Soldier
  11. Behind Bars
  12. Made
  13. A Good Day For Love To Die
  14. The Way I Feel
14 TW songs, can you imagine! Woaah, im so excited now!!
Im not leaving the house for a year (apart from seeing the wanted) Im just going to listen to the album, over and over!

Jay claims it's not your 'usual boyband stuff'...

The Wanted have revealed that their forthcoming album could surprise their huge fanbase, claiming it is more 'edgy' than the normal boyband material.
The All Time Low hitmakers, who have been working with the likes of Taio Cruz, Cathy Dennis and Robbie Williams' songwriting partner Guy Chambers, suggest that their new tunes are not 'your usual boyband stuff.'
Speaking of their LP, singer Jay explained: "I’d say it was edgy pop, but there’s a bit of rock and a bit of indie in there too."
He added: "It’s taking a bit of risk I think, it’s certainly not your usual boyband stuff."
Their currently untitled album, which is due for release on 25th October, already boasts number 1 hit single, All Time Low and new track, Heart Vacancy.
The lads have previously joked that if their first LP reaches the top spot, they will reward fans by posing naked! (I HOPE!)
And heres the wanteds album cover:
Next up: The Name Revealed (hopefully!)

Jayne Collins- The wanted manager! ♥

this happened about a month ago, and i completely forgot to post it!
But i tweeted @Jaynecollinsmac (TW manager&legend) the link to this blog and she tweeted me back:
@thewantedWYR This is well put together! fantastic stuff - just sent it to the boys record label!
How exciting is that, congratulations to mee! ;D x

A Slightly Younger Tom ♥

Helloo, so, i came across these interesting pictures:
Feel free to laugh as his slightly chavvy younger days, thank god he grew up!
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The Wanted Tour ♥

exciting news people, there is going to be a tour VERY SOON!
February 2011! put it on your calender!
Max tweeted earlier: 'We tour in febuary!! All over the UK! Dates still coming in... Can u hear me?!!!'
How exciting, so are you going to go? I know I am!

Friday, 24 September 2010

The top 50 hottest lads of 2010-Well done Boys! ♥

So Sugarscape recently posted their :

The top 50 hottest lads of 2010

So, our very own Max George&Siva Kaneswaran got on the list, and they did pretty damn good:
Max beat the likes or John James, Channing Tatum, Zac efron, Danny O'Donoghue, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nick Jonas, David Beckham, Tom Felton and Taylor Lautner. Id say thats pretty damn good!
So want to know were he came......

Number 3!

Well Done Max!

And Siva  beat the likes or John James, Channing Tatum,David Beckham, Russell Brand, Joe Jonas, Alex Zane and Steve Jones, Id say thats also pretty damn good!
So want to know were he came......

Number 21!

Well Done Siva!

Im slighly confused as to why Nath, Jay & tom are not on their, they would of all been in my top 5! Oh well, we love them all the same!
Well Done Boys, Your #Twfanmily are proud of you!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Poll Results ♥

Hello, so Heres Last weeks poll results, i had three polls running and amazingly hundreds of you voted!
And Here are the results, looks like Nathan comes out top again!
Also, it looks like nathans new hairs gone don well!
I will post again later, love ya!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Wanted Kickstart #wantedwednesday! ♥

Firstly..sorry for the terrible pun, i know, its bad.
But hey! its #wantedwednesday
and what a great wanted Wednesday it is:
so today the wanted finally revealed the b-side for the heart vacancy single, when i saw the title i was so surprised... i wasn't that sure how it would work, but i new it would! Becasue the wanted are 5 VERY talented boys!
So The B-side is......Kickstarts by Example!
I hope you enjoyed it, i know i did, tom and max's rapping is hilarious, and we finally got to hear a bit more of siva and his stunning voice! 
And Nathan and jay....well, they just sound amazing, as per usual!
So overal, im a happy fan right now!
Also, you can now pre-order the wanteds second single: Heart Vacancy. Click HERE to pre-order it and get it to number 1!
Also, this weeks #wantedwednesday mailer has been send, all the way from San Francisco!!!
Heres our lovely boys at the airport before heading to LA, i think they are a little excited!
A Little Un-ready!
Can they ever be serious!? 
Siva Tweeted a picture!

So, this ends this #wantedwednesday post! But there will be another one that kind, i give to two things to read. nice ehh?

So, Stay tuned for the #wantedwednesday game on here later! Its gonna be fun! 
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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

So its #wantedwednesday tomorow! ♥

so as you know every #wantedwednesday
I had a new post mentioning people on twitter, its an easy was for you to get more followers!
To get a mention on this weeks #wantedwednesday post:
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Also, im going to do another #wantedwednesday game tomorow night!
Looking foward to that!
Keep an eye on @ThewantedBlog for Updates!
Click Here to have a look at last weeks #wantedwednesday game!

The Wanted are in LA! ♥

So out favourite boy band have left the UK, and there #TWfanmily behind.....and jetted of to LA!
Lucky Boys! 
We arn't to sure why they are in LA but im guessing they are meeting song writer/producers or recording, i doubt they are there for a holiday, as they are too busy! :)
And Jaynes gone with them too!
So, im hoping they are going to come back with some Nice new songs! 
Anyway, i REALLY hope they have a good time, they deserve it!
as long as the dont go running off with some stupid blonde American girls! 
So, hopefully they will be back in a week or two! :)
We are all starting to miss them!
Love ya all!
UPDATE: The boys are off to San Francisco right! (21st september 18.40)
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Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Wanted sex toys. Naughty or nice? ♥

THEY might only be young but our favourite boy band The Wanted have gone all naughty on us.

Our Favourite boy band  The Wanted have announced they want to bring out a range of sex toys. (Hmmm....)

The lads have been inspired by JLS's range of novelty condoms but want to go one naughtier.

Tom told the Daily Star: We were thinking of doing some sort of contraception pill or Viagra or something.

"We also discussed a sex toy, you know, like a cast of your own member or something.

"We think that would be a goer. Whose would be the most popular? Definitely not Nathan's - he's only 17."


The boys have also revealed that they are often on the receiving end of dirty messages from Twitter fans.

Jay revealed: "We get sent some proper smutty filth. The one I can which is no swearing is just three words. 'Get in me'

Max added: "We do get some hate mail as well though. We find it quite funny.''

"One letter was addressed to Nathan saying that he looked like Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. That was mint." THATS MEAN!
But I can pretty much confirm, Sex toys will not be making it on to the wanteds merch list! 
After an Eager TW fan tweeted the wanteds manager (@Jaynecollinsmac) asking if they were making them Jaynes reply : ABSOLUTELY NOT! 

Well atleast they are thinking about there fans..... :)
so common.....who's been tweeting jay 'get in me' quite a few of you im guessing! ;)
So TW Sex toys......
Interesting idea eh!?
But maybe not the best idea, some TW fans are pretty young and would buy anything TW related, not sure Our Mummies would be to impressed finding sex toys with The wanteds  face's on it!?
I mean, theres alot more i can write on this article, but i dont want to be to rude! :)
Lots of kiddies out there!
Comment below with your opinion on 'The wanted Sex Toys'
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Oh and shoutout to @ MadHannieXD (who is a massive supporter of the wanted sexy toys!) 

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Wanted could of been called 'The Fux'.... ♥

So, Interestingly, i just found out that before Nath came up with the genius name 'the wanted' they had thought about calling themselves 'the fux' No boys. No.
Luckily 'the fux' got Rejected by there record label for being to rudee!
Im so glad the record label rejected that name,
'The fux' isn't that much of a bad name, but it doesn't suit the band does it?
It suits a band that sound more like the kooks, or the pigeon detectives.
To be fair i would still love the wanted even if they were called 'the fux' But i dont think they'd be as big...
there would be no #wantedwednesday......instead im guessing it would be #fuxfriday....but you cant go round shouting that out in the streets!
So heres an interveiw The wanted did about the interesting name idea with Digital Spy:

The Wanted revealed that their record label rejected a name suggested by song writer Guy Chambers. 

"Guy said we should call ourselves The Fux," Nathan Sykes told the Daily Star.

"We've had some crazy times with him and it really made us laugh.

"We actually thought about it for a while as it would have made us stand out. But the record company put the kibosh on it, weirdly," he confessed. "I ended up coming up with the name The Wanted instead."

Sykes went on to reveal the inspiration behind the choice of name. 

“We’ve got a song called 'Let’s Get Ugly' and it samples a tune from The Good, The Bad And The Ugly film.

"I had this vision of us all on one of those wanted posters and because the lads couldn’t come up with anything better, it stuck."

The band, who release their next single 'Heart Vacancy' in October, admitted that they are already planning a follow-up to their debut album, which apparently has the working title Behind Bars.

"We want to record the next album in a couple of months, or as soon as possible," Tom told the paper.

"Our label want us to keep on it and we plan to write the majority of it ourselves. We want to evolve and progress all the time."

He added: "The first time the label put us in the studio, it was just us and a tech nician.

"They said: 'You’ve got a day to come up with something’. So we did," he said. "They couldn’t believe the song we’d written. I think we surprised them."
So what do you think of the name 'The Fux'
Better or worse than 'the wanted'
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