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Aw sykes. ♥

This is stupidly cute- Thanks to whoever made it!

Who's Parker been kissing? ♥

laddish boybander Tom Parker has been snapped snogging the face off a mystery woman on a night out.
The singer - whose band has just been nominated for Best Single at the Brit Awards - locked lips with the lucky lady at P Diddy's launch party for his new single Coming Home.
Dressed in a flat cap and blue sweater, 22-year-old Tom charmed the dark-haired, leather-clad lady at The Pigalle Club in London. 
Tom Parker The Wanted | Pictures | Photos | Celebrity Gossip
Tom Parker The Wanted | Pictures | Photos | Celebrity Gossip

Maxchelle have last night out before a months separation! :( ♥

In the two months they've been dating, Michelle Keegan and Max George have tried to spend as much time together as possible.
But love’s young dream will be spending a month apart as Max  and The Wanted boys travel to Germany and then on to Asia for a promotional tour. 
While a four week stint apart could break-up other couples the pair seemed closer than ever and eager to make the most of their time together hit London for a few drinks on Friday.
The look of love: Michelle Keegan gazes at her new boyfriend Max George as they enjoy a night out in Camden, north London
The look of love: Michelle Keegan gazes at her new boyfriend Max George as they enjoy a night out in Camden, north London
The pair headed for The Dublin Castle pub in Camden where they enjoyed a few drinks alone together before Max’s bandmate Tom Parker popped in to join them. 
Michelle, 23, looked stunning in a terracotta dress from Topshop, black over the knee socks and feather-embellished peep-toe shoe boots. 
The Coronation Street actress, who plays Weatherfield barmaid Tina McIntyre in the soap, carried a black clutch also from Topshop and accessorised with a gold watch-necklace.
Hardy Northerners: The Mancunian couple didn't appear too worried about the 1C temperatures on Friday night
Hardy Northerners: The Mancunian couple didn't appear too worried about the 1C temperatures on Friday night
Boyfriend Max, 22, opted for a casual look in a pair of black jeans and a green T-shirt.
The good-looking duo, who are both originally from Manchester, appeared unfazed by the chilly temperatures and neither wore a jacket. 
    They laughed and share a joke together as they walked hand in hand.
    The Coronation Street star accompanied Max back down to London after enjoying a family party at his dad’s house in Manchester on Thursday night. 
    High street chic: Keegan looked stylish in a Topshop dress and knee-high socks
    High street chic: Keegan looked stylish in a Topshop dress and knee-high socks
    'I'm gonna miss you': Max's brother said the couple is planning to Skype a lot when he's away on tour
    'I'm gonna miss you': Max's brother said the couple ars planning to Skype a lot when he's away on tour
    And Michelle seems to have the approval of the whole family as Max’s brother Jack told MailOnline he approved of his brother’s girl.
    He said: ‘I think she's great, they make each other laugh and just get on really well.’
    And with the pair looking at a month long-stint apart it seems they have planned to keep in regular contact.
    Jack said: ‘They are going to talk on Skype while he’s away. They'll be fine they are really keen on each other.’
    The couple only met in early December but have been seen cosying up to each other on various nights out in London and Manchester together.
    Writing on her Twitter on Sunday night, a heartbroken Michelle declared: 'Today was the start of a very long month! X' AWWWW! :(

    Saturday, 29 January 2011

    Nathan- When I Was 10....♥

    Want to know what Nathan was like when he was 10?
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    Click Here to watch an Interview with him about his childhood!

    Calling Singapore....are you the wanted's biggest fan? ♥

    The Search For The Biggest The Wanted Fan from radio913 on Vimeo.

    TW video Interview featuring a 'Tom Tantrum!' ♥

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    The Wanted's German Tour ♥

    The Wanted are spending a full two weeks in Germany to finally get to know their German fans and perform for them! The Wanted will visit radio stations, shows, and just spend time with you!
    In the 14 days, they will tour with The Wanted bus through Germany! Siva, Max, Nathan, Tom and Jay could come to your town, in your school, or evenyour home! 
    All you do is you have to is apply Here.
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    Here you can find out when and where you can meet The Wanted:
    01. Feb. Munich
    02. Feb. Munich
    03. Feb. Munich
    04. Feb. Ulm, Baden-Baden, Mannheim, Radio Regenbogen acoustic concert in Mannheim
    05. Feb. Saarbrücken, Neunkirchen, Neunkirchen World Winter Festival
    06. Feb. Munich
    07. Feb. Cologne, appearance and autograph session in New York
    08. Feb. Frankfurt
    09. Feb. Saarbrücken, Braunschweig, appearance and autograph session in New York
    10. Feb. Weimar
    11. Feb. Hamburg, appearance and autograph session in New York
    12. Feb. Hamburg
    13. Feb. Berlin
    14. Feb. Berlin
    15. Feb. Potsdam

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    The Wanted. ♥

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    Its friday, so here's a little treat..... ♥

    The wanted off to Singapore ♥

    So, I annoncced earlier that the wanted are touring Germany In February, and bless them, and soon as they are back from Germany they are jetting of to Singapore! 
    ....And here The Wanted have a special message for their fans in Singapore! 
    Click here to watch it.

    According to Universal Music Singapore’s Facebook page the boys are appearing at Movida, St James Power Station for a showcase, 2.30 to 4.30, for and autograph signing session 4.30 onwards on Saturday 19th February. And for the fans in Singapore , you just need to take a copy The Wanted Singapore Edition to get in. 
    “if you’re half as excited as we are, than we’re doubly excited as you are.''-Max.
    The Wanted


    Remember to keep voting the wanted to win best british single at the brit awards....
    They deserve it!

    The Wanted's German tour... ♥

    The wanted will be touring Germany from the 1st to the 15th of February! 
    For more infromation Visit the wanted's German website, for all new videos, and information for Germany!
    Click on the image below to visit the wanted's German website!

    Thursday, 27 January 2011

    TW Photoshoot.... ♥

    ....Because we all love some pictures of the wanted looking Handsome, Here ya go:

    The Wanted to appear on The Graham Norton Show. ♥

    The lads are on The Graham Norton Show, shown on February 4th, BBC1 at 10.35pm. The lads will appear along guest stars, Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt and comedian Ed Byrne! Although, still unconfirmed what they will sing (if they will) - old or new material-Make sure you tune in!

    Wednesday, 26 January 2011

    Interview with Max on The Brits and milk! ♥

    How do you feel about being nominated for a BRIT?
    It's awesome. It's a very strange feeling to be honest. We didn't think in a million years that we'd be up for a BRIT, but after seven months it's just unbelievable.
    How did you celebrate hearing the news?
    We went out there and performed it on stage at the BRIT launch and then we had a quiet night in and chatted about it, trying to get our heads round it. And then I celebrated at the weekend, I went back to Manchester and celebrated with my family and that.
    How do you rate your chances of winning?
    Dya know what? I didn't think we'd ever be up for one, so now we are... god knows! I don't know. You never know, do ya? We've got top fans and they've been voting non-stop. We've just got our fingers crossed now.
    You're about to go on tour. What can we expect from it?
    We haven't started rehearsing properly yet, but we will be soon. We know what the ideas are and the set up and everything. It's really exciting, we can't wait for it now. We'll do all of our album songs and then we're gonna throw in a few surprises as well.
    So there'll be some covers?
    We might throw a couple in there, but we're gonna leave it to a surprise as to what they are.
    You must spend a lot of time together as a band. If you could change one thing about each other, what would it be?
    I'd make Nathan older because he makes me feel old. I'd make Siva shorter because I can't even reach his shoulders. I'd make Jay laugh a little bit quieter because it gives everyone a headache and I'd try and calm Tom down on the girl front because it gets a bit out of hand.
    Your debut album's just gone platinum. Did you ever expect it to be so successful?
    After the first single and that, we thought that we'd done a good album and our fanbase has grown really quickly. We have got the most loyal fans you could ever imagine, but not platinum. We were just like delighted and proud that it has.
    You're written about in the papers a lot now. Does it bother you when the stories aren't true?
    It doesn't really bother me to be honest.
    What's the most ridiculous thing that you've read?
    Aston apparently fancying my girlfriend and that I want to have a boxing fight with him! That's just the papers for you, isn't it?
    You're about to start work on your second album. How will it differ from the first?
    It's a step up. It's going to be even better. It's going to be twice as good.
    Why did you decide to get involved with the Make Mine Milk campaign?
    It's a massive campaign and we love a bit of milk, so we're delighted to be doing it!
    I hear that you're launching an online competition to see who can down a pint of milk the fastest. Who's best at this in the band?
    Jay's been the best so far, but we're doing it today at the end of the gig and I reckon that I could win today. (Sadly for Max, Jay went on to win the competition, downing his pint of milk in 5.07 seconds!)
    Finally, I asked Max some quick-fire, milk-related questions:
    Favourite cereal? Special K... no, Golden Grahams!
    Favourite milkshake? Banana
    Have you ever milked a cow? Er... no. But I'd quite like to try!
    Who would you chuck a pint over milk over? Tom!

    TW on Daybreak ♥

    Best way to start your day....
    watch the wanted on day break:
    THE Wanted urged their fans to not only vote for THEM to win big at the Brit Awards but to also support Corrie at the National Television Awards.

    The Wanted joined Christine Bleakley and Andrew Chiles on the Daybreak sofa this morning to talk milk and music.

    But before long the conversation turned to Max George’s new girlfriend and National Television Awards-nominated Coronation Street actress, Michelle Keegan.

    Max said: “She’s a the NTAs tonight so good luck to Corrie. So vote Corrie!”

    The boys – who spent the interview caressing dog Thumper -also took part in a ‘teet test’, where they had to taste buffalo, cow and soya milk.

    Jay, who was described as the Harry Styles of the band wasn’t entirely happy with the beverage he was handed though.

    He described his drink as tasting “like wallpaper paste.”