Name: James McGuiness
Age: 20
Date Of Birth:24/07/90
Hometown: Nottingham
Star Sign: Leo
Favourite Food:Errrrrm, pizza, pasta and pesto, chips, cheese toasties, starbars, eggs in any form
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Jay-McGuiness/122835734426339


Eye Colour:Blue

Hair Colour:Brown

Favourite Band:Coldplay, Newton Faulkner, Florence, Jack Penate, Damien Rice, Justin 

Football Team: Celtic, at a push, I rarely watch footy 

Favourite Animal:Chimp, except the one that ate off that woman’s face (ate it clean off!) 

Favourite TV Show as a kid:How 2, Carol Vorderman is there anything you didn't teach us? 

Recent TV Show: Anything with David Attenborough, in fact I’m going to go and put David Attenborough as my favourite guy right now, and Misfits! 

Favourite Trainers: Converse

I like it when... people fall over?
If I could rule... the universe I'd need someone to make sure I didn't misplace it.
If it was the end... of the world??? I'd try and get in with Bill Gates so he could sort me out.
If my name was... chegnuts it would be pretty weird.
If I was a girl... even just for a daaaaaaaaaaay.
If I could have... gills it would be ace.
I hate it when... your computer crashes.

Jay Stuff:
This is a video jay made his mum for her birthday, its so cute!

Stare off with Jay Anyone?

Jay Gallery:

Brb dieing.

Jay from boy band 'The Wanted' outside Kanaloa. The boy band were celebrating Max's upcoming birthday at Kanaloa Club. Nathan was missing, as he is still underage.