Friday, 29 October 2010

The Wanted In More! ♥

so this week the wanted are in more magazine doing an interview with the amazing alan carr!
Im not going to type up the whole thing right now, that will take hours, but i will type up my best bits:

Nathan: Im nathan, im 17 from gloucester. Im single *few!* and i'v kissed britney spears.
Tom: I think you scarred her for life...
Alan: You're probaly the reason she shaved her hair off...

Siva: Im Siva, im 21 and from dublin, and im the only one in a relationship. Before i go on stage my ritual is to always tie my right shoe lace. Never my left.
Jay: I never knew that.
Max: You should tie the left one as well, it might put you in tune.
Siva: [laughs] And the other fact is that i have been smashed in the face by an elepahnt.
Jay: Are you making these up?
Siva: I worked in a zoo, and i used to feed the elephants, one day one smashed me in the face with its trunk.
*Now...only siva would manage to get hit in the face by an elephant...and still be sexy, how does he do it!?*
Alan: Do you do your own washing up:
Max: No, we have a cleaner, she got locked in the house the other day and was stuck for hours.
Siva: I got back and all i could hear was screaming and banging.
Tom: Yeah...i was in there with her!
*Oh tom, you make me laugh!*, there is some of my best bits, but you will have to buy More! magazine to read the rest, trust me its a good buy, you get a free ripple too! ;)
*The bits in bold are me!*
Comment below if you have bought this weeks more!
p.s most of you tweeters probably know, as she never shuts up, @Mimi__tw *one half of @thewantedwyr* is in love with 'lighty' Go tweet her about it, please!'

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