Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Wanted In Cosmo ♥

So the wanted are in the November 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan!
The have an amazing centrefold, and they look gorgeous! (Definitely worth £3.40!)
Here's the picture in Cosmo:
So, in the Magazine the wanted were asked 'What do you  find sexiest in a women?:
Heres There Answers: (Take note girls.)
Jay:  ''I find a women's mouth sexiest. I think it shows a lot about her and is quite sexual. I like it when women are a bit different but really confident and funny. Like the girl out of paramore, Hayley Williams.''
Nathan: ''I love it when a women can give good banter! This is going to sound weird but I love the way you can't win with a women. If you have an argument, you wont win.''
Siva: ''I've been with my girlfriend two and a half years and i love everything about her. To me, sexiness is being confident and witty, and a good cook. My girlfriend cooks a mean Japanese curry!''
Max: ''I like it when women have tattoos on their arms, but lips are my favourite part. It's great when you meet someone thats up for a laugh, doesn't take themselves to seriously and likes to party!''
Tom: ''It has to be breasts - They're so sexy! Since being in the band i'm more aware that people might just be interested in you for the status, so it makes you more careful about meeting women'' 


  1. aww tom i wouldnt care ur soo sexy ;) and nathan ur right u will never win an arrgument with a girl ;) because wer that awsome xx

  2. Hannah O'Neill5 February 2011 at 13:54

    I love Jay so much, im sitting watching wanted wednesday and he has his top off, i think im having a stroke LOL JK :L <3

  3. only tom would say boobs Lol :)xx

  4. awww, Jay... that's so sweet!;')xx love Jay to bits!:Dx