Friday, 29 October 2010

#Twfanmily....yeah right.♥

Hi guys, this is a bit of a moan, sorry. But ALOT of people are really annoying me and so many others. The whole #TWfanmily thing is a joke, all people do is bitch, and show of, and try to claim they are the wanted's 'favourite' fan. Iv seriously had enough of it, i think a few others have to....and i know everyone is saying 'oh its the new fans ruining everything'. ITS NOT.
Why do we have to class people as 'new fans' & 'original fans' why can't we all just be called fans? all get along, and all stop bitching? Does it matter if you have been a fan for 6 months or for 6 weeks you are still a fan....and also so any people havn't met the wanted *LIKE ME* but just because they havn't met them, doesn't mean you cant class them as a real fan. Also, the whole spamming thing, sending for example tom a message 30 times asking him to Dm you is uncalled for. So yeah, i could seriously consider deleting this blog, i try so hard, just to see a load of bitchy fans. and as much as id LOVE to meet the wanted, because i think they are amazing. Is it worth it, when all the other fans there are just going to be mean & pushy.
Hmmmmmm, what do you think?

& im sorry for the moan, but if i didnt do it now, it would just carry on annnoying me & others, and it would get out of hand. Sorry if you think im a bitch, im stupid...whatever you think, i try really hard on this blog for you guys, and your kinda just ruining the #TWfanmily for everyone.
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  1. OMG I totally agree! I mean today I was outside BBC waiting for The Wanted and when Jayne came out saying that the boys couldn't stop because they were already late for something else, we were totally heart broken! But the boys managed to stop for 5 mins & say hi out the car windows. Some were just standing there for the whole 5 mins in front of the window casually talking to them while others at the back were dying for them to so much as look at them!
    Also The Wanted don't have a favourite fan! They love all their fans equally as ALL of them have got them to where they are now. Not just one fan. As for the boasting well. Just because some people like yourselves haven't met The Wanted, doesn't mean that you are a true fan. I mean being a true fan is about supporting them, buying the single/album and appreciating their music. Not standing around for hours waiting for them to come out, even though they appreciate that. Every fan is equal, and the boys love us equally. Why can't we just share the love? I'm happy with that! X

  2. You are acctually so right. Some people -Like me- have met them but i dont boast about it I tell other fans where they are, and yet i get called a bitch because Nathan follows me? There are so many CERTAIN fans who think they own them and always get to the front of meeting them and look for them but the rest of us try to meet them so hard but we dont get noticed because they basically take the attention off the rest of the fans. All fans are equal oh and i hate girls that say oh no i dont wanna do that i'll look like a fan girl... hate to break it to you but you are a fan girl we all are :D That felt good:')

  3. yeah i think you're right!
    because i'm a fan from Germany and all the girls who live in the uk always say i'm not a real fan cause i never met them but that's rubbish. I love these guys and anyway they were only one time here in germany in hanover and that's far away from my hometown so i couldn't meet them :(.
    Well i love your blog it's amazing. Keep on posting :D because you've got fans now too :)
    Caro ♥

  4. i agree i havent met the wanted either yet but why does that mean that im not a real fan? some people are able to travel around all over the place to where ever the wanted are that week but not all of us can, and just because we cant doesnt mean that we love tw any less than people who can get there
    and i think you should keep this blog :)xx

    i have never been so lucky as to meet the boys but i still love them! all the 'fans' labelling people as 'new' and 'original' fans are being so horrible! the wanted were doing a signing near me a few wekks ago but i couldnt go because of school and i was gutted! but what made me more gutted was the people on twitter etc boasting about how 'max called them gorgeous' and 'nathan gave them a huge hug'! it made me so sad! i also hate how the people on twitter who the boys are following are always saying DM ME etc it just annoys me!! this blog is fantastic and you should 100% keep it. sorry for the whining! haha! xxx