Monday, 18 October 2010

First News interviews The Wanted! ♥

The boys from The Wanted are having an amazing time – two songs on the radio, a new album, a tour to plan and very excited fans following them around! First News sat down with them to find out more…
It’s been a crazy few months for you – how have you been finding it?
Max: It’s been amazing, it’s been such good fun. We’ve been up and down the country, we’ve done some amazing gigs, like Help for Heroes, which was a different class. Oh and we got to do the Lottery as well, which was so cool.
Jay: We’re so grateful for the last few months and we’re all working our butts off. There are still some really surreal moments, like today I saw a picture on twitter of this girl with a wall covered in pictures of us and I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that had happened.
Siva: It’s all really exciting, it’s been so busy, we’ve been all over the place. So much has happened in three months. Sometimes it feels like you’ve stepped out of your own body and you can see all these fans screaming for us and it’s surreal. My brother and family are still like, why are these girls screaming at you.

Have you had any scary fan moments?
Jay: We had one moment at Radio 1, there were that many people waiting for us that the ones at the front were getting crushed. We were trying to get people to move back and putting our hands out to say move back, but they were just grabbing our hands! There were little kids at the front, which was scary as people could have actually got hurt because of us. Luckily no-one did.

Are you used to the attention now?
Jay: It’s sometimes really weird because these girls know everything about us.
Siva: Some days it’s cool and other days it’s surreal. Like I wonder why someone would paint their face blue and jump out at me screaming? It’s crazy. We got recognised in Singapore, which was strange. Our fans are crazy and so loyal. We have two stars named after us now, they’re called The Wanted and we have the co-ordinates so we can look at the stars. It’s really cool!

You have two songs on the radio at the moment, is that strange?
Max: It’s a pretty cool thing. When we’re in the car we’ll hear All Time Low, and we can’t believe it’s still being played. Then Heart Vacancy, our new single, will come on. We can’t believe how much we hear ourselves. It’s hard to get our heads around it. We’re not getting bored of it yet, though! It was on X Factor too, what was that about?
Jay: It’s well cool. We were in Corrie once, I think. We get texts from people all the time saying they’d heard All Time Low in the background of a TV show.

As you say, Heart Vacancy is the new single. It’s a bit different from All Time Low…
Max: Yes, we wanted to slow it down a little bit and just show that we can do a slower, hit your heart song. We filmed the video in Croatia. It was lovely and really hot.
Jay: It’s about a girl who has been hurt before by all the guys in her past, and it’s about
telling her that you’re not going to be one who hurts her and to trust you.

You’ve been jet setting. What were you up to in LA?
Max: We went over and did some gigs and, when we were in New York, we got signed to Def Jam records, which is a pretty big deal for us. Hopefully we’ll try to release a single over there in January. It’s all going really well. It’s all happened so quickly. Three months ago, no-one had a clue who we were and now we’re about to release a second single, on the back of a number one and an album.

Do you feel a bit of pressure to get a number one after All Time Low?
Max: There is a bit, but we didn’t expect a number one with All Time Low, so we just feel really lucky we got that one and we’ll always have that number one. If we can get another one, amazing. If not, then we’re just going to work hard and do the best we can.
Jay: It has been crazy, and now it’s a bit scary. I’m like, what have we started? We’ve got to try and maintain it now.

The album is out soon. Can you tell us a bit about it?
Max: It’s called The Wanted and it’s sort of a mixed bag. I think there are songs in there for everyone. We’ve got some that are on the lines of All Time Low, we’ve got a couple of soppy ballads, we’ve got some electro pop and some indie pop as well. It’s a mix!
Siva: It’s really cool but I am really nervous. This album is us and, if people don’t like it, then that’ll be hard. We put a lot of work and effort into the album and it’s really personal for us. It’s a big thing. If it hits number one it will be ridiculous.

Are you going to be touring at all?
Max: We certainly are, February next year and into March. Tickets go on sale next month and in December we’re going to sit down and start planning it.
Jay: We’ll definitely be upping the production and putting on a good show!

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