Friday, 29 October 2010

The Wanted: 'Boys mosh at our gigs' ♥

The Wanted have revealed that males enjoy their music as much as their female fans. 

The group, whose new album is out this week, admit that they often notice boys "moshing" to their debut single 'All Time Low' at their gigs.

"We've got used to girls going insane - well, almost," Jay told the Daily Star. "But when we first saw a mosh pit in the middle of screaming girls, that was weird, lads raving to 'All Time Low'."

On their latest song 'Heart Vacancy', Max  admitted: "I thought lads would think we'd gone soft doing a ballad. However, my mate rang me the other week on the way to the pub and said 'Heart Vacancy' put him in a right good mood, so I was chuffed." 

Tom  added: "As much as young girls will like it, the one thing I really want is for guys to buy it."

The Wanted's self-titled debut album is on course for a top 5 chart placing this Sunday.


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