Sunday, 10 October 2010

10/10/10- 10 reasons why i love the #TWfanmily ♥

Hello Guys, so today is 10/10/10 and i thought i would post 10 reasons why I love being apart of the TW fanmily! here They are:
10 reasons why i love being apart of the #TWfanmily:

1- You make new friends all over the country...and world! #Twitterships.

2- I love the #TWfanmily because they all stick together even if they have never met!

3- #TWfanmily always help eachother!

4- Everyone in the #TWfanmily are different, Young and Old, Male and female!

5- Everyone shares all the TW gossip!

6- Each day of the week is the wanted themed, so we can never have an unhappy day! #Maxmonday #Tomtuesday #Wantedwednesday #Thursjay #TWfanfriday #Sivasaturday #Sykessunday!

7- The whole #TWfanmily have 5 amazing boys to look up too!

8- No one ever leaves ANYONE in the #twfanmily out!

9- The whole #TWfanmily have something in common.....a huge love for the wanted!

10- We get to contact the wanted everyday via twitter and facebook!


Just want to say, I love the people that read this blog, I make it for you!
Also, Obviously, This wouldnt be here without the wanted, so i love them too&There awesome manager!

Please click here to show the wanted why we all love them!

POSTED 10:10PM 10/10/10!
& AGAIN Thanks to the wanted for everything, and to all my followers, love ya all!


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