Friday, 29 October 2010

Kimberley Walsh- "Jay Is Really Cute"♥

So, not surprisingly, Kimerley walsh thinks jays cute...
Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh was left feeling "old" when she recently met with The Wanted.
The 28-year-old spoke with the boyband for her TV show Suck My Pop and admits to having a crush on one of the guys.
"I've just interviewed The Wanted for Suck My Pop - I hate to say it but they made me feel so old! They were lovely though," Walsh wrote in her OK! column (out this week).
"I think that most people fancy Max, but there was something really cute about Jay, I really warmed to him.''
"If I was a teenager his picture would definitely be on my bedroom wall!"
Kimberley Walsh "Jay From The Wanted Is Really Cute"
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  1. jaybird is really cute but sorry kimberley he's me! :)