Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Wanted FTW- Radio 1 ♥

so this morning hundreds of TW fans got out of there beds at a stupidly early time to either go see the wanted outside radio 1, or to watch it live on radio 1 webcam. I watched it on cam, and i must say i really enjoyed it, it lasted for an hour, it was great!
Here is a short clip of a part of there interview, IT INCLUDES TOM....TOPLESS!
heres some fans outside radio 1:
Amazing scenes for @Thewantedmusic outside Radio 1 this morning
And heres the guys at radio 1...
so i hope you enjoyed the interview guys!
To listen to it again: click HERE.
also guys, remember, the #twfanmily need to stick together guys:
As our TWfanmily increases PLEASE remember to look after eachother, was worried for a lot of people today. Fella's remember there are young female fans and they are not as strong as you! We also have young kids who don't need to hear any foul language- was really impressed by the consideration of nearly everyone, people desperate for things to be signed stepping back for others, taking pictures for eachother, passing stuff from the back to be signed, like all families there can be bickering but we're all a bit overwhelmed by the respect and love we saw today. It's a #TWthing.
so come on guys, stay nice!

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