Saturday, 16 October 2010

Heart Vacancy Is ALMOST here! ♥

So HEART VACANCY is Released In Just over one day!
But, for the people that pre-ordered the physical copy of the single of heart vacancy, it should of already arrived or at least be on its was to your doorstep right now!
My single arrived early this morning, and Wow, its good.
Firstly, you get an amazing poster of the guys,
Here's the picture on the Poster:
And we also Get, Not only Heart Vacancy, But a cover Of Kickstarts!
(I will Post Kickstarts On The Blog, AFTER the single has been officialy released)
If you havnt heard the studio version of Kickstarts yet, your In for a treat, its good, REALLY good!
(click on the heart vacancy cover below to order the single)
So, Its really not long until Heart Vacancy will be in the charts, and I'm so excited for them getting ANOTHER number 1, because it WILL be a number 1!
So, I Hope you have all bought Heart Vacancy and GOOD LUCK BOYS!


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