Sunday, 2 January 2011

WIN- Nathan Postcard. ♥

So, for the fourth chance to win Nathan postcard all you have to do is give this picture a caption....
It can be anything from ''jay...I just did a sh*t'' or ''Nathan I love you.....'' << they aren't great, but Im just giving you an idea! Make it as funny and as long as you like, and once you have it...tweet it using the tag #TWblog OR leave it as a comment below with your twitter name!
You have until 9pm tomorow!
Good Luck!


  1. Nath: OH SHIT. i think i just jizzed.
    Jay: nath, thats disgusting..


  2. @Natalie_TWSykes2 January 2011 at 14:04

    Nath: O M G ... No Way Did We Just Witness That Jay...

    Jay: I Know... ... ... I Did Tell Him... I Said "Tom, If You Dive Into The Audience, You Are Going To Get Gang Banged" But Did He Listen, No And Here We Are!


  3. @SylviaJumbie

    Nathan: ahh i think i am in the mood to do a fly "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" (does fly face)

    Jay: their are no flys in avatar land xD

    Nathan: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE *cough*

    xx :)

  4. @TheWantedWorld aka Char:)2 January 2011 at 15:20

    Nath; oh my god. my water's just broke. IM GOING TO BE A PARENT!
    Jay; *sees a girl in the crowd/ shes well hot*.. yeah thats great mate. brb while i go seduce this girl with my sexiness!

    ^hope you like:) @TheWantedWorld :]xxx

  5. omg look at the well cute gils i cant belive it!

  6. oh and my twitter name is THE_WANTEDXXX

  7. My Twitter name is GaveMyHeartToTW
    'watch me dance like louis spence meow'

  8. n: 'jay, why is there a tall blue woman with a plait and a tail in the audiance?'
    j: ZOMG WHERE?!
    n: *laugh* you have just been SYKESed.

  9. n: ' *gasp* oh god, Britneys back for more!'
    j: isn't that a good thing?
    n: no, she's been stalking me since i was on the show as a kid. she said i was a good kisser.
    n: you laugh now, but wait until she turns naaaasty.
    j: *looks around, runs away then trips on stage. again.*


  10. N: Ergh, you didnt did you?! Thats vile! What have you been eating!
    J: An avatar's gotta do, what an avatars gotta do :L :S


  11. N: Jay! Jay! Jay! That avatar's given me a boner!
    J: No Way! Me Too!
    N: I was only joking!
    J: So was I!
    N:*looks at Jay* U werent lying!
    J: Crap! Hide me!
    N:Too late its burst through now!

    twitter name: @SidraLovesYou

  12. nathan: jay is a virgin (shouts out in the car)
    Jay: i've shagged your mum
    nathan: i will ask her!
    Jay: u r so guliable nath
    nathan: at least i've done it
    jay: ye right, u r too young
    nathan: i'm 17
    jay: ye ye, u look like a 12 year old!

    Twitter- Katie_Reid0410

  13. Nathan age 17 gets the BONER hes been waiting for...


  14. Nathan: ow my toe
    Jay: you fukin what?
    nathan: my toe
    Jay: u pussy
    Nathan:ermm who watches avatar?
    Jay:OHOH AVATerrmm TOM!


  15. Nathan:(michael jackon voice)oww (spins)
    Jay:ummmm? year alryty then nath

  16. NATH: OMG ive just realised its my birthday soon!
    JAY:yes and your gonna be 12?
    ME: oh yer baby!
    NATH:no gonna be 18 actually dork
    ME:holy crap
    NATH:but im sure i can wait a few years


  17. Jay : WOW that girls quite fit
    Nath :Err Jay that's my nan
    Jay : so looking young does run through your family and looking fit
    Nath : Ooowww ... Jayyy you stud on my toe whilst YOU were staring at my 'fit' nan, thanks ... oh and you've ruined my new converse's thanks again MATE she bought those
    Jay : Your nan can buy some new ones ..... (Nath getting angry here)or I will ?
    Nath : Well tbf she is quite fit and I always get to kiss her hahaha jealous ?

    <3 <3

    @ TW54_SEW

  18. /|\
    | Jay : you can borrow my converse's !
    Nath : you have big feet I think you've already lost your mind
    Jay : get lost and go and see some friends from out of state the very trip that she was supposed to take a while ago.

  19. Jay: Hey Nath have you been on twitter lately?
    Nath: Nope
    Jay: Well then i'm guessing, you haven't heard the news yet
    Nath: Nar mate, what is it?
    Jay:it looks like the JLS fans decided to take #itsatwthing and change it to #itsajlsthing
    Nath: i'm guessing next their gonna take #twfanmily

    twitter @OhSoKoolio_TW

  20. Nath: Shit, look at that piece of work.
    Jay: What?, Where?
    Nath: Cooorrr (jizzes)
    Jay: Did you just jizz Nath?
    Nath: Ummmmm:/ yea?
    Jay: Mate arn't you to young to jizz in your pants?
    Nath: Oh Shut up, Look at that.

    twitter @Ellie97TW
    Jay: Seriously what are you looking at Nath?
    Nath: That masterpiece of a hat over there.
    Jay: Nath really? I worry about you sometimes, gay boy.

  21. Nathan: Jay! HEY JAY, LOOK!!!
    Jay: What???
    Nathan: isnt tht tht fit girl rojo_4_TW from twitter??? *jizzes majorly and holds onto Jay for support*
    Jay: oh my god Nath, did u jus jizz????
    Nathan: errmmmm... yeah jus a little, BUT SORRY I JUS LOVE THOSE HOT AMERICAN GIRLS!!!
    Jay: ...get ur hand off me...

    my twitter is rojo_4_TW ;D im from America and i FUDGING LOVE TW!!! <3 xxxx

  22. Anonymous said...@brogan_TW

    nathan: jay i carnt hold it in eny longer
    jay: what do u mean
    nathan: im gonna fall through
    jay: what do u mean fall thr.....
    nathan: ahhhhhhhhh....:)
    jay: whats that nathan that is just knockin me sick...oh godd !!!

  23. Jay: Nath im really sorry, i just shit on your shoes.
    Nath: *utter shock* Oh no you di'nt!

    short and sweet, just like me;)!