Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Interview with Max on The Brits and milk! ♥

How do you feel about being nominated for a BRIT?
It's awesome. It's a very strange feeling to be honest. We didn't think in a million years that we'd be up for a BRIT, but after seven months it's just unbelievable.
How did you celebrate hearing the news?
We went out there and performed it on stage at the BRIT launch and then we had a quiet night in and chatted about it, trying to get our heads round it. And then I celebrated at the weekend, I went back to Manchester and celebrated with my family and that.
How do you rate your chances of winning?
Dya know what? I didn't think we'd ever be up for one, so now we are... god knows! I don't know. You never know, do ya? We've got top fans and they've been voting non-stop. We've just got our fingers crossed now.
You're about to go on tour. What can we expect from it?
We haven't started rehearsing properly yet, but we will be soon. We know what the ideas are and the set up and everything. It's really exciting, we can't wait for it now. We'll do all of our album songs and then we're gonna throw in a few surprises as well.
So there'll be some covers?
We might throw a couple in there, but we're gonna leave it to a surprise as to what they are.
You must spend a lot of time together as a band. If you could change one thing about each other, what would it be?
I'd make Nathan older because he makes me feel old. I'd make Siva shorter because I can't even reach his shoulders. I'd make Jay laugh a little bit quieter because it gives everyone a headache and I'd try and calm Tom down on the girl front because it gets a bit out of hand.
Your debut album's just gone platinum. Did you ever expect it to be so successful?
After the first single and that, we thought that we'd done a good album and our fanbase has grown really quickly. We have got the most loyal fans you could ever imagine, but not platinum. We were just like delighted and proud that it has.
You're written about in the papers a lot now. Does it bother you when the stories aren't true?
It doesn't really bother me to be honest.
What's the most ridiculous thing that you've read?
Aston apparently fancying my girlfriend and that I want to have a boxing fight with him! That's just the papers for you, isn't it?
You're about to start work on your second album. How will it differ from the first?
It's a step up. It's going to be even better. It's going to be twice as good.
Why did you decide to get involved with the Make Mine Milk campaign?
It's a massive campaign and we love a bit of milk, so we're delighted to be doing it!
I hear that you're launching an online competition to see who can down a pint of milk the fastest. Who's best at this in the band?
Jay's been the best so far, but we're doing it today at the end of the gig and I reckon that I could win today. (Sadly for Max, Jay went on to win the competition, downing his pint of milk in 5.07 seconds!)
Finally, I asked Max some quick-fire, milk-related questions:
Favourite cereal? Special K... no, Golden Grahams!
Favourite milkshake? Banana
Have you ever milked a cow? Er... no. But I'd quite like to try!
Who would you chuck a pint over milk over? Tom!

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