Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Wanted, Album 2- What we know: ♥

It’s not been that long really since we started humming along to Personal Soldier whilst doing the washing-up but The Wanted are apparently already working hard on their second album.
In order to keep you all in the know, I’ll be updating this list with everything I find out in the next few months. So continue reading to see what we do and don’t already know…
What will it be called?
I have no idea (yet).

When will it be released?
According to the sun, It will be released in November, and According to Siva, the boys have set aside two weeks this year to work on the album with the writers and producers, so it might be a while yet. 

When will the first single be released?
April. No word on the title yet though. 

What will the second single be called?
            Max revealed that the title of the single is two words long......I hope its called 'The Fly'
What single will they release in the US?
Ed Drewett (The essex genius behind All Time Low) has confirmed that they will be releasing brand new material in the US, not All Time Low.

What songwriters and producers are they working with pn Album 2?
We imagine that they’ll work with some of the writers and producers from the first album as well as new ones. Hopefully this means Ed Drewett will write them another hit single? Hopefull! Some of these songs will probably be written specifically to help them break America – and the boys are signed to Def Jam over there – so there’s a chance we might start to hear them drop names like Ne-Yo or The-Dream. Nathan also expressed a desire to do a collaboration with Pixie Lott, but as of yet nothing has been confirmed. It has also been confirmed that Bruno Mars will be working on a track for the second album with the boys, along with Guy Chambers and Steve Mac who produced All time low.

What will the album sound like?
According to Siva, the band want to try new things. “We’re just trying to hone our skills and get a new sound,” he said, “We’re not thinking of a specific new sound, but we’ll just try to let it come naturally.” But don’t get too stressed. Although they’re obviously going to try and make tracks that will get them attention in other parts of the world, we’re sure that they won’t stray from the winning formula they already have.
What will the second single sound like?
Max said- ''It's an uptempo track that I reckon could go down well in the clubs. It's got a little taste of trance in it but it sounds very much like us.''
Will they all be topless on the CD cover?
Hopefully....but probabll not.

More as soon as I know it...
Thanks Teentoday!

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