Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Wanted in Magazines ♥

This months Top of the pops includes the wanted, heres a video from behind the scenes of the shooot!
Scan for Top Of The Pops
....and im really sorry I havn't been updating much these last few days, I Had a busy, weekend, 3 party's in 3 days, im knackered. so im sorry, 
OH AND....Its my 16th on tuesday, so, anyone fancy getting TW to tweet me happy birthday?
My twitter is @Thewantedwyr ;)
Loves ya.


  1. nathan looks really miserable beside max.
    but he's still cute and sexy & i still love him soo freakin much. ♥

  2. Tom is amazingly hott <3 omg i have never liked a boyband soo much in my life they are all fricken gawjus ;) but Mr. Tom Parkeris my favourite and i want him in my bed lol <3 xxx

  3. He's just trying to be shmexy ;D <3

  4. hi does ne one know if the top of the pops wanted edition is for sale in ireland:)

  5. its not out here yet :c i been looking for it all week since it came out.