Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Wanted talk X Factor, Cher Lloyd and, er, Wagner hitting on their mums! ♥

The Wanted boys have had an amazing year - their debut single going in at number one, their album coming out and performing their new single, Lose My Mind on The X Factor.
Cementing their status as a top boy band, The Wanted's performance on The X Factor saw the boys hook up with Cheryl Cole - and Nathan Sykes ran into Cher Lloyd - who he confessed to fancying last month.

Alas, the romance didn't take off.

Jay said: "They had a quick catch up so we all played Cupid and surrounded them and sung, Puppy Love."

Nathan confirmed there wouldn't be a romance between himself and the teen rapper, saying: "There never really was a flame to be honest.

"She’s a cool girl, but at the moment we’re just so busy and focusing on the tour."

Their performance on The X Factor was not an easy one for the lads - after all, it was the biggest series of the biggest show in the country!

Max said: "It was the most nervous we’ve ever been and I think it showed a little bit.

"We loved it though! It’s incredible we got the opportunity considering we’ve just really started."

Any backstage goss on the night, though, boys?

Max told us: "Bumped into Wagner too, but worryingly he was all over my Mum, he wouldn’t leave her alone.

"He kept on saying, “You look like a film star,” to her and I was like, “That’s nice. You can sod off now.”

Nathan added: "We were at the dinner table and he grab’s Max’s mums hand, starts kissing it.

"So we all start calling Max, Max Fiuza-Carrilho – like he was Wagner’s love child."

So Max is Wagbo!

The naughty lads confessed to nicking a few of Louis Walsh's beers, but failed to get his four bottles of champagne open!

Max said: "Well, after we performed we went in to Louis dressing room and they bought in four massive bottles of Champagne for him as some sort of rider.

"He was still filming the show but we tried to open it. We got told off though and kicked out.

"We did manage to nick a few of his beers instead though!"


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