Friday, 10 September 2010

The Wanted #TWfanfriday ♥

so this is just a general update: First up: THE WANTED AT LIPSY. I must say they look gorgeous in black and white, listen out for jay 'if i call you now SIR!' :)
Must Say that was a rather amazing performance from the wanted!

-Next up is, well, i can only describe it as gorgeous tom looking well....young, cute...and a tiny bit chavvy! 
None the less, we still love him to bits!
N'aww Little tom-tom!
-The Wanted Merchandise is now available, theres loads to choose from, tops, hoodies, calenders!!!
Click Here To take a look at the wanted merch store!
If you do buy any of the merch feel free to twitpic a picture of it to @thewantedwyr and i will add it to the blog!
The Wanted (Logo) HoodieThe Wanted (It's Wanted Wednesday) T-ShirtThe Wanted (Heart Vacancy) Girls T-shirt

-Right, i know this picture is kind of old, but how hot do they all loook, eh?!
Strut your stuff! Yummm!
-And we all know the boys like to party, who doesnt!? 
So just look at this adorable picture of Max&Tom! BROMANCE.
-I said a while ago i wanted more of YOU to get involved with the blog,
and here is what the lovely @SarahChambers19 wrote for us:

After the huge success of their debut single, The Wanted, consisting of Tom Parker, Max George, Siva Kaneswaren, Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes, are back with their second single.
Heart Vacancy, which is released on 18th October, shows a different side to the band. After the up tempo ‘All Time Low’, the guys have gone for a romantic ballad and they have not disappointed.
The song is incredibly catchy and I can guarentee once you have heard it, you will have it in your head for days. Especially Jay’s bit: ‘When IIIIII talk to youuuuuu on the phoooneeee. Listen close’. Writing it down does not do it justice, you have to listen to the song to hear this amazingly simple yet stupidly addictive line.
So, thanks to @SarahChambers19!!!!!!
and if you would like to write something for the blog, email with what you want to be in the blog!
Thanks, and have a good weekend. xxx

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  1. Can some what please explain what TW fan Friday is it's all over twitter but I dint get what is involved. Apparently there is some kind of competition involves?