Monday, 27 September 2010

Jayne Collins- The wanted manager! ♥

this happened about a month ago, and i completely forgot to post it!
But i tweeted @Jaynecollinsmac (TW manager&legend) the link to this blog and she tweeted me back:
@thewantedWYR This is well put together! fantastic stuff - just sent it to the boys record label!
How exciting is that, congratulations to mee! ;D x


  1. Heyya,
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  2. Hey guys!! i am your BIGGEST FAN!!! I know all your songs and i'm in love with you guys!!! My friend has a video of me watching Warzone and i was on the ground flipping out because i love you guys soooo much! i would give or do ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE to meet you guys in person!!!

    Tessa Badalamenti in Phoenix, Arizona

  3. no...i think ull find i am their biggest fan. nothing will ever change it, because im actually obsessed with them and i would do anything for them, no matter how far i would have to go! i love them more than ANYONE else in the UNIVERSE and u better believe it. I am thir biggest fan in the whole world and that will never EVER change!


  4. ummmmm... i'm not sure if its just me but i have battleground and i'm pretty sure it doesn't have the last 4 tracks on it. uh, i'm confused. lol

  5. Lol, I am a BIG fan and i don't think you guys can have a BIGGEST fan:)I really enjoy listening to your music and I am so happy an album was realeased in the U.S because I can't buy the Battleground album because it only sells in the UK
    :( Don't stop writting music! Visit Minnesota soon! Love you guys<3

  6. Luv u all??:)

  7. Vist St.Louis soon guys thx luv u all!!kississ