Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Wanted 2011 Calender ♥

Exciting news, the wanted have a 2011 calender coming out!!!
So your walls are going to look pretty fit next year if you are a TW fan! ;)
I know im getting myself two! :)
To Pre-Order The Album Click Here.
Heres Some Sneaky Previews of what the calender will look like!
.The Wanted 2011 Calendar.The Wanted 2011 Calendar
.The Wanted 2011 Calendar.The Wanted 2011 Calendar

Sexy eh?
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  1. yummie looking good there boys :D xxxxxxxxx im deffo getting one maybe a whole box :L x

  2. I am your biggest fan in France! Nathan it is my favourites! He makes me crazy! I have shivers as soon as I hear his voice in songs. Nathan, marry me! I love you! :D PS: in when concert in France?! I look forward to!