Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Wanted HEART VACANCY video release ♥

Enjoy, and make sure you tweet it! 
Heres some picture from behind the scenes at the heart vacancy shoot:

-And here is an amazing Review of the Heart vacancy video, written by:@sarahchambers19 
 The video has finally been released. Some very lucky people got to see it on Thursday (I hope they realise how very lucky they are) while the rest of us had to get up at stupid o’clock on a Sunday morning to watch it.

However despite getting up at half 7 on a Sunday morning, which should be made illegal by the way, it was definitely worth the wait.

The anticipation was built up during the week with each member releasing a very short clip from the video each day.

Onto the video, filmed in Croatia, as most of you know, the guys walk down a very narrow street in a proper boy band style, occasionally taking a rest sitting on the pavement. This may sound very simple but the guys do it very effectively and look HOT!

Then we are introduced to a small Croatian community watching an old film on a projector while the guys sing over the top of it, kind of narrating it. The main male in the film then comes through the projector takes the hand of a girl in the audience who has been looking longingly at the film throughout the video and takes her back into the film. Kidnap or what!!!!

The video ends with the guys lounging on the chairs, yet still managing to look very sexy. They all seem to have picked up the good old boy band moody stare very quickly as they all seem experts at it in the last shot, not that I am complaining of course!!
Thanks so much to Sarah Chambers!
Also, for the last two days iv been promising to give whoever tweeted @thewantedmusic the link of the blog a mention on this post:
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Heres another mimi review of the video from @MariaIsabel_TW
Even though I'm a huge The wanted Fan, I try to keep this review unbiased.
The video starts with a some shots of the band walking though what looks like a small European town. They have some roughing around here and there. Some emotional glares at the camera are added too. The video switches back and forth from daylight to night. This small European town seems to be gathered at a like a film showing at the plaza. There’s a young boy who seems to be messing with the projection. Then the camera pan to a youngish woman who seems to infatuated with the people on screen Now the wanted are at the plaza sitting watching the film like normal blokes. Oh wait, now the people on screen seem to be talking to the audience particular the woman mentioned above. Everyone's freaking out, unsure what to do. Now for the craziest part. the man in the film just walks out from the film into the audience and grabs the woman to join him in the film. They enter back and leave though the door in the film.
Now that was some crazy stuff. I was a bit confused as to why the audience was freaking out. I had to watch it a couple times to understand the people in the film where speaking to the audience. I really liked the color scheme used in the video. The tans and blues worked really well. I think as a second music video they did very well.

Thanks! MariaIsabel_TW

Also, its not just Heart Vacancy Video Release day...its #SYKESSUNDAY!!
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Video by 'Thewantedfan1' 
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  1. Ooh Look were Maxs hand is in the middle picture!? :P hehe.x

  2. Hahaahhhh! didn't even notice thatt!
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