Thursday, 16 September 2010

10,000 views TAKE PART. ♥

Hello, so  I have had over 10,000 amazing views on the blog!! how goods that, and to celebrate, i am going to do a special post on the blog, and i would like some of you to take part! so....
1-Email Me ( with A Message about the blog, or something youd like to say, and i will put it up on the post! (include your twitter name on the mail.)
2-Make a tweet including the following things:
3-email/twitpic me a picture of you holding up a sign/peice of paper with the blog ( on it-THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.
you can do all of these if you want, its up to you! everyone that takes part gets a shoutout on the blog!
You have until sunday 

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