Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Wanted Kickstart #wantedwednesday! ♥

Firstly..sorry for the terrible pun, i know, its bad.
But hey! its #wantedwednesday
and what a great wanted Wednesday it is:
so today the wanted finally revealed the b-side for the heart vacancy single, when i saw the title i was so surprised... i wasn't that sure how it would work, but i new it would! Becasue the wanted are 5 VERY talented boys!
So The B-side is......Kickstarts by Example!
I hope you enjoyed it, i know i did, tom and max's rapping is hilarious, and we finally got to hear a bit more of siva and his stunning voice! 
And Nathan and jay....well, they just sound amazing, as per usual!
So overal, im a happy fan right now!
Also, you can now pre-order the wanteds second single: Heart Vacancy. Click HERE to pre-order it and get it to number 1!
Also, this weeks #wantedwednesday mailer has been send, all the way from San Francisco!!!
Heres our lovely boys at the airport before heading to LA, i think they are a little excited!
A Little Un-ready!
Can they ever be serious!? 
Siva Tweeted a picture!

So, this ends this #wantedwednesday post! But there will be another one that kind, i give to two things to read. nice ehh?

So, Stay tuned for the #wantedwednesday game on here later! Its gonna be fun! 
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