Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Wanted At Help For Heroes ♥

so on sunday The Wanted experienced an all time high as they took to stage in front of 60,000 at Twickenham for a brilliant charity, HELP FOR HEROES.
The wanted did an OUTSTANDING performance off All Time Low, which was shown on BBC1 and heart vacancy (not shown). 
And im not alone when saying....The wanted, you did the #TWfanmily proud!
Heres Some Photos From Help for Heroes!

Here is an Interview the lovely boys did at Help For Heroes!

And heres the wanteds amazing performance at Twickenham:

And here is a lovely Review of The Wanted Performance: by (@MadHannieXD)
Help for Heroes 2010
 I screamed and jumped out of my seat on Sunday night at BBC Help for Heroes concert when I heard...
"ITS THE WANTED!" shouted "Davina McCall" as she was getting carried away by four soilders. (I hope to a mental home.:P) 
As the camera moved towards the stage all we saw a Huge Cargo box in the middle of the stage, what was inside it? Guess.
The starting tune of All Time Low began to play through the speakers & "Can you Hear Me" began echoing around the stage. 
BANG. A hand broke through the right hand side of the box. Only Nathan Sykes. 
BANG. Another three hands followed and broke out in the order of Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran & Jay McGuiness.
Last but not least a boot kicked out the front of the box. Max George.
All the hands (& feet) went back into the box, the echoing voice stopped , the music got louder & the box smashed open to reveaL OUR boys ;) They then started singing their hearts out, as usual.
They all were wearing matching Kahki Military, Knee-Length jackets, which they pulled off, oh so well! Oh and thats not all that was new, Nathans hair was also new! The fringe was all slicked back (which suited him really well actually) while he jumped off and sang his part with Siva. MAN, did his voice sound better than ever.
Anyway when they all got out of the box, they even had co-ordinated dance moves. All five of them:) They even went all slow motion dfor when Max sang his "slower" part. 
Then Tom shouted "TWICKENHAM MAKE SOME NOISE!" and the guys just went HYPER. They all ran off out to the "Crowd Stage". Jay & Nathan out to the right side while Tom, Max & Siva ran out the left direction. They paced each-other out & then placed themselves by their microphones and sang! 
That wasn't the only thing they did though, they also had their Bright Red Flares, lighting up their right hands (probably roasting them too). It was actually the first EVER time they used them at a Live Concert within the UK. 
They then all spread out around the "Crowd Stage", Flares in hand, while Max stayed and sang his closing line.
This preformance was tweeted about all night, it made all us English/Irish fans feel like proud mothers. So I wonder what their ACTUAL mothers felt like! They were truly amazing, the best of the night for me actually (in my opinion I didn't think many others were actually good that night!)
We Love You Guys xD
Lots of Love,
                 Hannah .x. (@MadHannieXD)

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