Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Wanted are in LA! ♥

So out favourite boy band have left the UK, and there #TWfanmily behind.....and jetted of to LA!
Lucky Boys! 
We arn't to sure why they are in LA but im guessing they are meeting song writer/producers or recording, i doubt they are there for a holiday, as they are too busy! :)
And Jaynes gone with them too!
So, im hoping they are going to come back with some Nice new songs! 
Anyway, i REALLY hope they have a good time, they deserve it!
as long as the dont go running off with some stupid blonde American girls! 
So, hopefully they will be back in a week or two! :)
We are all starting to miss them!
Love ya all!
UPDATE: The boys are off to San Francisco right about....now! (21st september 18.40)
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