Monday, 1 November 2010

US record deal mess! ♥

so last night,
i was dissapointed,
 teentoday posted about the wanted getting a major US deal with Def Jam!
BUT.....after some of you gave abuse to Olly from teentoday, which was rather mean, it wasnt his decision, you then seemed to have a change of heart and all became all soppy......and started praising teentoday.
BUT GUYS, i DID post the information about Def Jam first!
If you don't believe me, click HERE.
so, i have tweeted many times telling you to follow the blog, and if you had listened to me, you would of got an email about it!
so, as i have proven i give you Information FIRST, follow the blog please?
P.s....why don't you guys praise me for giving you information?
Tweet @Thewantedwyr

So, you need to read my blog more, dont ya?
ALSO, again, CONGRATULATIONS to the boys, this is awesome news! ;D

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