Monday, 1 November 2010

Max Interview ♥

Is there pressure for your new single Heart Vacancy to follow your debut single All Time Low to the top spot?
Obviously we would love to have the same success at the first one but we have no idea where it’s going to end up. But we’ve been plugging away and got our fingers crossed that it does alright.

And your eponymous debut album was released on Oct 25. What can fans expect from that?
It’s a pick n’ mix bag actually. We tried to make it for different ages so they would each have a different favourite song. We’ve tried to make it so the whole album doesn’t sound the same and I think the two singles show that as they’re quite different to each other. There’s one called Golden which is literally just us and a piano and nothing else. We are proving ourselves and wanted to do tracks that we more vocal based. We’ve also got a rocky song on there called Behind Bars. It’s cool and I think you might like it.

Do you have the champers on ice waiting to hear the chart positions for the next two Sundays?
I think we will wait until we see where the album charts and if it does well then we might celebrate but we haven’t got anything booked in.

But you boys love a party – we’ve seen the evidence!
Yeah. We do love a party and going out.

Is it hard to find a balance between working and your love of partying?
Nah not really, we just do it anyway!

How has life changed since you released All Time Low?
We got loads of free stuff now that’s the main thing that’s changed. When you go out it’s all free shit. In Manchester the other night we got given a table in a club with whatever we liked – champagne, the lot. The best freebie I’ve been given is a Dolce and Gabbana leather jacket. It’s happened so quick and now people run up to you wherever you go, it’s mental. When we were driving to the airport last week the police followed us and blocked the road and then continued to follow us in cars. It was absolutely mental.

You now know what it’s like to be the Prime Minister with a police escort.
I love it. That’s hilarious. The Wanted are like David Cameron. We were meant to switch on the lights in Manchester city centre but we got pulled as they didn’t think they could control the crowd. So they put Joe McElderry on instead.

Don’t you think it’s a mean way of saying Joe doesn’t have many fans as his are easily controllable?
It’s cool on our part. Maybe Joe keeps them all mellow and calm with his array of ballads. I’m just gutted we are not doing it being a Manchester lad.

Have you been tuning in to the X Factor?
I think my favourites are Matt and Rebecca and I think Cher is cool.

Were you annoyed when you saw that contestants with management deals were allowed to stay when two years ago you were kicked off with your old boyband Avenue for that reason?
We knew at the time when we got kicked off that people had managers and stuff. But they decided to use us for the ratings. Do you remember Chico? He came out and said he didn’t understand why we’d been kicked out as he’d had a management deal a year beforehand. But they paid off his manager, swapped contracts,  then took over, which is what we want to do. But we just took it as we did and that’s that.

What do you think of music’s newest boyband, X Factor’s One Direction?
I didn’t see their audition so didn’t realise they had been put together and thought they were the boyband off of Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year. I just thought they’d grown-up. I did think FYD were the better band but what do I know?

You guys were put together through auditions so is it pretty hard to gel with strangers in a short space of time?
I suppose on X Factor they literally don’t know each other but it took years for us to be put together so by that time we all knew each other really well anyway. We had about 15 auditions so that’s 15 full days together getting to know each other. I’m guessing for them it must be really hard as they’ve literally done it overnight. But they should get on and not argue too much.

Are you worried they will be nipping at your feet?
No. We don’t really look at anyone as competition as we just get on with doing our thing and don’t worry about anyone else. There is no point in that as we just want to get on with what we do. They seem like nice lads so we hope they will do well.

Are you hoping Simon Cowell asks you to perform on the show?
That would be awesome. We won’t this year but maybe next year. Everyone loves X Factor – anyone that says they don’t is a liar.

Last time we spoke you said your fans were, literally, window lickers. Have you had any more crazy experiences?
We were outside a radio station and there were all these fans waiting for us in the freezing cold. We had Nandos to eat and had loads of chips so we went and gave them to all these girls. One girl got a bag off me and got a chip and was like ‘Tom, will you bite my chip? Will you bite my chip?’ Then she put it in her mouth and just started screaming. Jay said that she was probably trying to get his DNA to clone him. It’s quite worrying.

Do you like filthy fans or would you prefer it if they kept things clean?
I don’t mind me. Either way. We get quite a few thousand fanmail sent to us every day. I’m just flattered.

You must get girls throwing themselves at you all of the time…
I don’t know about that. I try my best but I get palmed off most of the time.

So girls, whats up with the chip situation, i mean..come on! 

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