Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The 'blog' Factor ♥

Hello, so lots and lots of you applied to be the co-owner of the blog, and it took me AGES to pick  the awesome ones out, all of the replys i got were really good, i really want to pick you all.
So, after re-reading them all over, and over again, i finally picked 12 of the best ones!
and i was thinking, to get that number small....i need to do something.
Welcome to....The Blog Factor.
*dun dun dun*. How cool is that, im cool right?
So, you grummy lot: congratulations, but you ain't made it yet, i need more!
-Laura Drake (lauradrakee)
-Chloe (ChloeeeBeeTW)
-Hannah (MadHannieXD)
-Emily Fisher (EmilyFisher_TW)
- Allanah Carson (allanahcarson)
- Catherine (CathTheWanted)
- Alexandra Rowley (AlexandraTW_LFC)
-Emmeline Glen (Emmelinneexx)
-Annalise Natasha Park (Annalise_NS)

-Natasha Coenraad (@Tasha_JLS_TW)
-Sabrina (SabrinaLovesTW)
So, heres what you have to do now:
1-Imagine you had to interview the wanted, think of 5 original questions to ask them:
2-Write a review of this BLOG. what you think of it...blah, blah, blah!
Good luck guys, try and get it to me by #Thursjay!
Ill do another post later to say thank you to all the people that entered! x

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