Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Katy Brand Vs. The Wanted ♥

So You may have this programme on Sky+ series link already, and if you don’t then you should!
So what is this whole Katy Brand thing, who is she? 
Katy Brand is an award winning comedienne. She has somehow has persuaded some of the biggest international popstars to write, record & perform alongside her in a video spoof version of their greatest hits in her brand new series, katy brand vs. 
Each episode has seen Katy hanging out with the different musical stars, as she delves into their personaltity to discover whats makes them tick, and just how good their sense of humour is!
....She can be a bit hit and miss with her lyrics sometimes as I think that only she may find some things funny, but on a whole she actually does a pretty good job. And she looks the part too!
Check her out with  ‘The Wanted’ on an upcoming episode. It airs on November 10th so make sure you tune in! I promise you, it will be full of laughs, from start, to end!
Remember to tune in- 10th november!

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