Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hi & Low- Jay. ♥

Today a fan tweeted Jay asking what Hi & Low was about, This is what he replied:
'it was written by a guy who's wife died very young. It's about the feeling of going through life without the one you love, & every time you do something that you used to do together, not understanding why they aren't there anymore. It's beautiful & I think he just wanted to tell her that he misses her, every day, & it was an honour to have the song on the album & to tell his story.'
Listening to That song is going to be Different now Eh?
The Guy who wrote that song is one talented man!


  1. OMG jay's voice in hi & low omg omg omg xx i love his voice soo much x can you fall in love with a voice ?? "/ well if you cant you can now :) x
    I love youuuu foerver my life

  2. this is probably my most favorite song and you have no idea what it means to me. jay your great. twfanmily forever

  3. So beautiful :')

  4. I have to admit it really is incredible, Jay's voice is amazing in the song and the meaning behind it just adds on to the emotion. I literally bawl everytime I listen to it!