Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Wanted Hit Back at Lee Ryan!

The Wanted Red Nose Day
Now Lee Ryan loves to get above his station and say stupid things. He previously commented he didn’t know what the fuss was about 9/11….in the immediate aftermath of the event. Now while his latest spat with The Wanted isn’t an that level of idiocy, but it shows a fair old lack of self awareness.
Speaking at the launch of Nintendo 3DS in London, he commented:
“It’s been so boring without Blue. All that X Factor b*****ks. F*** X Factor. All they say is (puts hand on hip and adopts camp voice): ‘Oh we’re from The X Factor, we’re so boring’. X Factor c***s”
Now….while that’s ridiculous given they were a manufactured band that went through a similar non-televised process, it was vague enough not to single out any artist or band… Lee continued:
“Bands like THE WANTED are so dull. Don’t worry, Blue are back now.”
Now clearly this was meant to be off the record – but he was speaking to a journalist and never stated it wasn’t for publication. This just goes to show (apart from the comments themselves) how foolish he is.
Tom though has been fairly quick to respond, putting this out on Twitter:
“Dear Mr Ryan. Im writing this message to say fuck you calling us “dull” in the paper today. Im really excited to see you represent the UK at eurovision this year. My thoughts, and more importantly MY PRAYERS will be with you at this very difficult time”.
Good on him we say. There’s no need to take this off a has been loser who did nothing to show himself to be a self important idiot throughout his career. 

GRRR...and we was my favourite on in blue as well.


  1. Well done Tom!
    I love Blue but Lee Ryan is an idiot!

  2. well done guys. you face it very well :) all the best for your career. keep on! :)

  3. Lee Ryan is a complete pratt anyway