Tuesday, 29 March 2011

TW Tour Backstage Secrets!

  • The lads tucked into a spinach-heavy feast ahead of the gig. Max and Tom also lifted weights in their dressing room.
  • It took Max less than a day to learn to play bass guitar for the acoustic segment of the show. Jay played tambourine after chickening out of a dance solo. He now says the band want to play their own instruments on their next album.
  • Siva's sister Hazel, who narrowly missed out on a spot in Girls Aloud after taking part in Pop Stars: The Rivals, was the life and soul of the party, recalling tales of his childhood.
  • Nathan apologised for his 'diva' moments during the show. "There is one point in Iris where I sing solo and play guitar. It was never intended to be so indulgent. Sorry."
  • Jay revealed he is thinking of moving out of his London flats with Siva and his girlfriend. "It's a bit too cozy. I might look around when the lease comes to an end," he said..

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  1. Tom say's he is not actually in love: